5 Tips and Tricks for Washing Machine Maintenance

Washing machine is one of the most essential technologies but underestimated in many households. Without this practical equipment, you will not be able to keep clothes, beds, curtains, and other fabrics clean and in good condition. Unfortunately, while washing machines have valuable goals for households, some homeowners tend not to pay too much and care for their wash. To get directly into the discussion, here are five tips on maintenance of washing machines and tricks to keep your washing machine in the form of ends:

  1. Check the clog after each use

Inappropriate water drying is a problem that is common in the washing machine. This problem usually occurs because the homeowner forgets to examine the entire tool before completing the task. If you have experienced water standing on your washing machine, it can root from two causes: internal problems with pumps or blockages in the disposal tube.

To identify the cause, try to continue the drying tube and blow inside. If the blockage still exists, it’s a good idea to call a washing machine technician to repair the pump instead of choosing a DIY solution.

As a lesson, make sure to check your washer to clog every time you use it. Don’t drain water and allow it to stand on a machine too long will be the perfect breeding place for bacteria and mold.

  1. Avoid underloading or overloading machines

Teddy Bear and his baby with a protective mask will be washed on the washing machine with a resignation expression for the possibility of infection by Coronavirus

Washing machine load capacity is one of the most important factors that people consider when buying a new washing machine. Load capacity is determined by the manufacturer for a reason. Depending on the number of clothes you wash regularly, you must choose the right load capacity to prevent a handful of problems.

When your washing machine is less uploaded, your clothes will accumulate on the drum side because they reach the cycle of the rotation. Because the load weight is concentrated on one side, they will tend to bang on drums, causing excessive vibrations that can damage the engine in the long run.

Meanwhile, overloading your washing machine adds additional pressure on the bearing of the engine and motorbike. Loads also need enough space to move and allow detergents to be distributed and clean your clothes correctly.

  1. Clean the Lint filter regularly

As for the fabric rotates and falls around your machine, hot and high pressure in its environment causing clothes, sheets, linens, and towels to spill fibers called Lint. Even though this fiber looks small, they can accumulate from various clothes on the machine and have the potential to block your ventilation hose. However, thanks to fiber filters in the updated model today, this will not be a problem.

However, the Lint filter will eventually reach its capacity and you must clean it regularly to ensure they do their work. Ideally, you have to clean the screen for each batch of clothes.

In addition to preventing clogs, cleaning your Lint filter regularly also offers the following advantages:

Extend the life of your washing machine

Help dry your clothes faster in the dryer

Reduce your energy costs

   4.Use the right type and number of detergents

Maintenance of washing machines

When it comes to choosing detergent laundry, maybe everyone has their own preferences. It turns out that your washing machine also has a sound where detergent is used.

Ordinary washing powder will be enough in a semi-automatic washing machine, but you will need a special detergent for a fully automatic washing machine. The detergent of the laundry determined for the fully automatic washing machine works better in running the engine, involves the length of the cycle, higher temperature, and mechanical agitation levels.

If you use a top load washing machine, it is recommended to use low unit detergents while working at high speed. Using detergents intended for hand washing will produce excessive sudsing.

Also, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions about how many detergents you use. It is not known by many users, using too little and too much detergent is one of the surprising ways to shorten the life of the washing machine.

  1. Protect the outside

Maintenance of washing machines

Maintaining your washing machine means caring for the interior and exterior. Protecting the outside of your machine is relatively easy if you practice it as a habit every time you finish using it.

After you finish all your clothes, don’t close the door immediately to allow the machine ‘breathe’ after use. Let the door open for about 15 to 30 minutes to prevent moisture from getting stuck inside the machine that can push the mold and growth of bacteria.

As a result, it is important to protect the tools by wiping stains and spills using glass cleaners. Invest in the washing machine cover and avoid placing heavy items on the tool.

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Because of the large appearance of washing machines, owners may tend to ignore the special care and maintenance they need. As a tool that must be owned in your household, take care of your washing machine will eventually pay, because it will be long before you need a representative

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