AMD Zen 4 Rumors suggested the final release of 2022 - a year after Intel Alder's lake debut

CPU Desktop ZEN 4 Ryzen The next generation of AMD may not be launched until the end of 2022, almost a year after debut Lake Lake Alder to the 12th generation Intel.

It is according to Twitter Typster Sepeuwmjh, which suggests the ZEN 4 AMD processor, with the code name ‘Raphael’, will be announced in September or October 2022, with a scheduled release one or two months later.

That means Amd Zen 4 can arrive in full two years after the launch of the Ryzen 5000 desktop CPU based Zen, and almost a year after Intel’s debut, the Lake Lake Desktop processor lineup is a lot hyped.

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If this latest rumor is believed, this also means AMD will change late to DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 parties, because Intel’s Alder Lake CPU is expected to support both standards when they launch this year.

That except AMD released an upgrade to Zen 3 architecture later this year – but it looks impossible. AMD Ryzen 6000 CPU, Modemed ‘Warhol’ and based on Zen 3+, it is said to have disappeared from AMD’s last road map for 2021. Instead, speculation shows AMD can pass the release of this new CPU in Q4 of the 2021 planned previously and directly to Zen 4 as instead.

While these rumors suggest Zen 4 remain far away, it looks like it will be worth the wait. Raphael CPU will be based on the 5NM architecture & will display 6nm I / O dies in the chiplet design. AMD has hinted that it would increase the number of the next core desktop gene CPU, so we can expect a little lump from the maximum of 16 core and 32 threads.

In terms of performance, Zen 4 architecture is rumored to be giving an IPC gain up to 25% over Zen 3 and pressing the clock speed of around 5 GHz.

The processor can display RDNA 2 graphics too, because rumors recently suggested that AMD plans to complete all the processors with Navi-based graphics when shifting from the AM4 socket.

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