Apple Watch can get blood sugar monitoring thanks to the UK technology agreement

The old rumors of the apple spectacle with blood sugar monitoring have just received credibility. Telegraph and Forbes reported that British health technology company Rockley Photonics was recently confirmed in submitting the SEC that Apple has been the largest customer for the past two years, and has a sustainable agreement to develop future products. Rockley’s focus has been on the sensor that tracks blood glucose, pressure and even alcohol levels, indicating that at least one of these features will be available at the upcoming Apple Watch.

Apple support for diabetics has so far been limited to carrying third party monitors in his shop.

No guarantee of Rockley’s agreement will lead to shipping products. Apple is not shy to focus Apple’s attention on health, and there are many industrial interest in developing a blood sugar sensor that can be used that does not require needles. If Apple can build technology into mainstream products such as watches, it can offer benefits for anyone who is tired of stabbing themselves to keep their diabetes in the examination.

Rockley technology can also help. Blood pressure tracking can remind you of problems such as stress, and alcohol monitoring can make your drink in the medium number. Is it worth it or not another problem. Apple still has to consider factors such as battery life and price, and it is possible that you can wait for all of these features (assuming they have sent) even if the technology is ready.

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