Best gadgets 2021

The future of the human body is set to be a robot like human body with all the best gadgets that will allow you to get whatever you want from your life. These futuristic robotic machines will be able to communicate with us using speech and give us commands through touch and feel. They will be able to run faster than humans and leap tall buildings. They will not need food or sleep and will exist purely on virtual resources. The only problem with this is that they will also be taxed for their services.

This is why the government is now funding research into creating artificial intelligent machines that can work for the general public. Such machines should have the ability to communicate with human users and provide services and applications. One such gadget in the works is called the Skynx. The Skynx is a joint project of Apple and Microsoft. It is a computer-controlled exoskeleton that will allow the user to control limbs with its computer mind. Other cool tech gadgets tech is also being worked on such as implantable chips that will allow the brain to record brain waves and upload them into a device for the computer to read.

We are also seeing other gadget tech like Google Glass coming out that will record everything around you including the colors of the dishes you eat, the sound of your voice, the temperature of your coffee and more. This is all being developed by robotic technology. And let’s not forget about Google’s self-driving car that will give you the chance to not have to worry about keeping control of the car as it takes you from point A to point B. There are many more exciting tech toys to come out in the next few years that will be the cutting edge of technology.

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