Galaxy A52 and A72 availability delayed due to lack of chips

The whole world of technology has been plunged into another crisis while still wallowing in the Covid-19 pandemic. Global deficiencies in semiconductor components, especially microchips and processors, are rocking companies from car makers to, of course, consumer electronics manufacturers. OEMs smartphones seem to take things with steps but the deficiency can finally catch up with Samsung that the latest middle-class mobile phone is now reported to be delayed by it.

Samsung announced the Galaxy A72 and two Galaxy A52 versions, including the 5G model, only last March. The latter, in particular, is being marketed in the US where the phone is said to be one of the more affordable 5G choices there. Both phones were supposed to be available for purchases last month but it never happened.

A report from South Korea, Elec revealed the reason for the delay. Apparently, Samsung has difficulty in getting APS or application processors, A.K.A. Smartphone processors that we often experience in specifications, for Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72. It will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G and the Snapdragon 750G capable of 5G, both of which are reported in short supply.

Ironically, the shortcomings are partly due to the main problem of Samsung earlier this year. Hard winter storm in the US a few months ago forced Samsung to close Austin, Texas planted the manufacturer’s chip. By chance, Samsung is one of the manufacturers of the Snapdragon APS affected.

Samsung is not the only one affected by deficiencies in the Snapdragon 720g and 750g chip, of course, because Xiaomi also depends on the medium distance chip for note mi and redmi. There is still no estimation when the delivery of the Galaxy A72, Galaxy A52, and the Galaxy A52 5G will actually start but it might be an indicator that the upcoming cellphone will also begin to be influenced by this global problem.

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