Galaxy S8 software support officially ends after four years

Samsung traditionally a poster child about how not to do an Android update but it seems really thing is from the past. Of course, trivial to promise renewal outside the usual two-year period but Samsung’s actions speak harder than words. Not only has the monthly update more routine, it has also extended the scope of software support for up to four years. Proving that the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge last year not only flux, Samsung ended support for the Galaxy S8 today, four years after the cellphone was launched.

A few years ago, it was almost unimaginable that Samsung would be a person who pushed for four years of software updates. Guaranteed only two and even then it is quite slow and inconsistent in fulfilling its own promises. Samsung today is very different from the past which is almost a poster child for how to do the Android update correctly.

That said, four years it was not the same and Samsung “downgrade” frequency of renewal from monthly to quarterly to Biannual. Galaxy S8, in particular, is at a quarterly level so it’s not like this end unexpected. That it really will reach security updates 2021 April may be a miracle instead.

The Galaxy S8 is famous for being the first Samsung mobile phone to discard the capacity buttons and physical physical buttons which were previously a characteristic of the Android phone. By switching to the button on the standard Android screen, the Galaxy S8 can push the bezel, especially with the edge of the curved screen.

Now officially coming out of the image, the Galaxy S9 takes place as the oldest superior Samsung which is currently still supported. That said, the Galaxy S8 Lite variant is still supported but only accepts two-year renewal. Because it was launched in May 2018, it might still enjoy the treatment until next year no later than.

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