GM will install software on Chevy Bolt EVS to prevent battery fires in the future

Following last year’s withdrawal, GM has described the plan to correct the problem that caused five chevy bolt batteries to lights between 2017 and 2019. In a post seen by the threshold, the car maker said their bolt owners would bring their car to their local GM dealers for service , where mechanics will conduct battery assessments and replace them if they find “anomalies.” At the same time, they will install new GM diagnostic software saying can detect potential problems before being serious. Mechanics will also remove 90 percent charging charging GM implemented when first issuing withdrawal.

In the coming months, GM plans to encourage diagnostic software to other Bolt EV models. It will also come standard with all GM electric vehicles in the future. Meanwhile, if you have Bolt EV 2019, your car qualifies for service now. Those who have the 2017 and 2018 models have to wait until the end of May to order their appointments. Last year, Hyundai considering 25,564 Kona EV in South Korea. Both GM and Hyundai clog their batteries from LG Chem. At that time, the company told Reuters was unable to determine the cause of the Kona fire but said that it had concluded that the cells could not be blamed.

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