How tall / long pole length for TV air satellites

Type or pole is the object needed for installing TV antennas. Choosing a pole or the right pole is not so easy. There are many poles available on the market with different quality and length. In this article, we will discuss the length and height of the pole. This will help you choose the right pole for TV air installations. On a pole or pole, we usually see the shape, wall thickness, diameter, and pole height to install the ideal TV air settings.

High pole air pole

Aerial TV installation.

The main difference between Aerial Pole is height or length. Remember each air installation or an antenna has a different length or height. This will depend on your needs whether your TV air installation will be in a lower or higher area. A higher size of the pole means you expect a good but sometimes a higher pole can be your headache. This can be a problem for you in a storm or heavy rain. There is a famous punishment: there is a higher chance to fall from a higher body. So try to get a high pole to complete your signal requirements.

Usually, we need a large high pole where there are lots of trees and buildings around your house and you get a nuisance in capturing a good signal. But if you live in the unurban or wide area there you don’t need a high pole or big pole you can even adjust to a small pole.

When you install a pole for Aerial TV then follow the ratio 1: 5. This is actually the size of the bracket and must be less than the total height of the pole.

Famous height of the aerial mast

Install Aerial TV

 On the market, you can find the mast of the following heights 3, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20 (legs). If you are an airplane tv and you have a large budget then you can get stock from all height poles, but if you don’t have a budget then it’s not a good idea to get this stock. Usually, the professional TV air installer stores a 6-foot height pole, because usually 90% of the installation can be done with this. If the installation is rather high then a 10 foot or 12 foot pole can be used for installation.

Seriously very rarely I have seen the use of a 16 foot pole in the installation. Plus 16 feet not available in the UK easily because there is this rare use. If you want to use it for installation then you have to get a special order.

Different diameter TV air poles

Install Aerial TV

Above we have read about the height of the pole or pole. Do you know poles or poles are available in different diameters? Of course, they are available in different diameters for different installations. Masts or poles are available in different diameters mentioned below.

For a pole with a height of 2 feet to 4 feet, the pole with a diameter 1 “is available.

For poles with a height of 6 feet in diameter 1.25 “available.

For a pole with a 10-foot max height, a 1.5-diameter pole “is available.

For poles with a max height of 16 feet, 2-diameter pole “is available.

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