Android messages on PC

Text messages are a reliable way to get your updates from different sources including your bank or to communicate with those who still remain untouched by smartphone messaging apps.

However, this service has long been restricted to devices using a SIM card. Now, you can also get these messages on your desktop using these simple methods:

The Pushbullet App

This app can be installed on your desktop and your Android device to read and respond to text messages. It can be installed through the Google Store App.

First, install the app on your Android device. Sign in using any Google account that you can access on your desktop application as well. After entering the necessary details, you will be asked if you want the notifications to appear on your desktop as well. Enable this feature and launch the app.

After this, you will be asked for a series of permissions to access your contacts and notifications. One you have enabled these different features, you must install the app on your desktop as well.

You will receive an automatic prompt after which you will have to log in to the Google account that you provided to the app. Then choose the Setup Your Computer option and choose ‘Windows’ and save the installer. Follow the prompts that appear and you can launch this program on your PC as well to access texts on both devices.

Once the application has been launched on both devices, you will see a Pushbullet window. On the left hand side, click on the Devices tab and then the SMS tab. This is where all your messages will be listed. You can also choose multiple devices to allow the app to shift between devices as needed.

Browser extensions for Pushbullet

You have extensions available on Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Safari browsers to access Android messages on your desktop. This is especially useful when you are not using a Microsoft Operating System.

You simply have to log in on the Pushbullet website with your Google account and choose the “Setup Your Computer” option. Then choose the extension as per your browser to get started.

You will receive notifications for emails, missed calls as well as text messages with these extensions.

Google Messages for Web

This service rolled out by Google allows you to text between your desktop and your Android Devices.

Install the Android Messages app. You may have to update your software to access this application. You can also download it from the Google App Store.

On your desktop, open the Messages for Web page to receive a QR code. Open the Settings Menu on Android Messages app and choose “Messages for Web” option. Use your phone camera to scan the QR code and connect your smartphone to your Android device.

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