how to turn off ps4 controller on pc

How to turn off PS4 controller on PC – If your friends have been asking you how to turn off the new PlayStation 4, then you are probably quite caught up in the process. Don’t worry, you are not alone, a PS4 is one of the fastest selling home gaming consoles ever. It is not however the most powerful and with this in mind, gamers who find themselves needing to get extra power for their systems often wonder how to turn off PS4 controllers on PC. The answer is actually quite simple. Most systems come equipped with a special “PS4 Auto Controlling” feature, allowing you to simply hit the power button on your computer and automatically switch between the various games that your PlayStation has integrated into its remote.

The problem with this feature though is that if you forget to hit the power button after switching between games (for instance if you are playing a game and then switch to something like crossword or a calculator, your game will be switched off by the auto controlling feature – making it impossible to continue). This means that if you want to turn off your PlayStation’s auto controlling features, you first need to hit the power button on your PC. This brings up a new set of instructions on how to turn off PS4 controller on PC. Rather than moving onto the next person in line, or taking your system off the wireless internet connection in order to logon to multiplayer games, why not just hit the power button and follow the steps given?

There are two simple ways to use this method on your PS4 controller on PC – one to turn off the feature individually, and another to show the screen shots of the remotes. To turn off PS4 controller on PC, first open your desktop or laptop screen and click on “Settings”. Then select the “System” tab and click “NET ACCESS”. You will then see a series of options including “Change” which is the link for “Network”. Click on the option that says “Remove”, and then move over to the next link that says “List of Networked Devices”.

The next step on how to turn off PS4 controller on a PC is to click on the “Microsoft” logo on the right hand side. Click “Network settings” and you will then see a drop down box next to “Local Area Connection”. The option you want is “New” and the blue highlighted text indicates that you should type in the IP address of the router that is located within your local area network. It is highly likely that this IP will be a different number to the one that is listed within your Windows settings.

Finally, you should click on the “OK” button. Once you have done so, you will see that the “PS4” icon has turned off and the screen shots have been completed. This concludes the process on how to turn off PS4 controller on PC. It is important to bear in mind that there may be instances where the device will continually show up on your screen even though you are not using it. To resolve these issues, you will need to ensure that you are able to log onto your PlayStation account and make use of the internet features therein.

The aforementioned steps on how to turn off PS4 controller on PC can save you quite a lot of money in the long run as the costs of replacing the product will obviously be avoided. If you are interested in purchasing a new Sony PS4 controller, then be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on the best prices! We also offer an excellent range of discount codes for any purchases that you make. Why not check out our website for further information on the best products available?

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