Iphone 12 beautiful purple and frustrated

Apple promised that the iphone 12 purple would really, really purple, and it wasn’t wrong. Join the color line-up on Friday, a new finish for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini is not controlled eggplant or calm byzantine. Instead, you get love-or-hatred – it’s lilac with charming lavender instructions, and it makes me excited and frustrated at the same time.

The iPhone 12 design matches well with this special end. The back of the glass was slightly lighter in purple, the sheets toughened left the hue looked almost cream into my eyes. Instead, the brushed metal side is a darker shade. Purple is a complicated color to get the right one, but I think Apple has nailed it here.

You can order a new finish now, next to the red and white, black, blue, green, and (product) versions. This will start shipping from this Friday, April 30, from $ 699 for the iPhone 12 mini and from $ 799 for the iPhone 12. There is no functional difference, of course, to the phone we reviewed last year: You get the same look, the rear camera The same double, and the same 5G support in it.

More color choices on smartphones have been a welcome shift in the market over the past few years. Purple iPhone 12 is not a beautiful first Lilac to arrive in 2021, for example, with the most striking Samsung Galaxy S21 of his brothers in the Violet Finish. The Apple (product) variant of the Apple (product) of the iPhone variant for years has become a pleasant disturbance from stalwart currents such as black, silver and gray.

However, at the same time, not everyone can enjoy more experimental color palettes. It is still quite common for upscale cellphones to reduce the number of settlement offered significantly, and the latest flagships are no different. You can get an iphone 12 purple, or Violet Galaxy S21, but if you want the iPhone 12 Pro Max or Galaxy S21 Ultra your choice is enough, well … boring.

Apple offers the most expensive handsets in graphite, silver, gold, or Pacific Blue. Fun finished, of course, with a combination of polished metal frames and opaque glass backs, but it’s hardly interesting like the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. Hues Samsung is equally aware: You can have Galaxy S21 Ultra in silver, black, titanium, naval, or chocolate.

There may be an assumption that they dig deep into their pockets for a smartphone four images too seriously to consider more interesting colors. Maybe also, there is a rational argument that such buyers tend to be smaller, so that it makes too many color choices not need to complicate the supply chain. Samsung’s Silver and Black Galaxy S21 Ultra Finishes are the only ones you will find in general circulation: Three others are special orders through their own web stores.

I have no doubt that Apple has some excellent market research underlining its decision to offer purple on the main iphone 12 mobile phone. However, I can’t not be a little disappointed because you have to choose between various cameras on the iPhone 12 Pro max or a more fun final result. This might be one of the times where Apple needs to lead and show users what they don’t realize that they want: more colors and more personality in the gadgets that we most use every day.

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