iPhone 13 with a 120Hz screen may finally happen thanks to Samsung

Apple has never been one to immediately jump into fashion and trends. Just look at the notch that remains unchanged since his debut on the iPhone X in 2017. May finally change, even if only a little, on the iPhone 13, which has become a subject of most leaking about the next Apple smartphone so far. However, it won’t be the only thing that changes on the iPhone side and the latest insider tip shows that it will eventually have features that have long been exclusive to iPad Pro.

IPhone fans have long hoped for features that have made Apple have presented “promotion display” on the iPad Pro. Technically only with the name of marketing for what is better known as a screen capable of refreshing the rate of 120Hz and so far it is limited only on the large and expensive whiteboard of Apple.

More than just playing games, fast refresh speed will allow more fluid and responsive interfaces. On iPad Pro, it works hand in hand with the low Apple pencil latency to make it look and feel fast. Since his debut, back in 2017 too, iPhone users have been waiting for that day features will arrive in smaller sizes.

According to the supplier report from South Korea, which eventually may occur this year because Samsung’s appearance will supply apples with OLED LPO panels (low temperature polycrystalline) for cellphones. OLED technology LTPO is required to enable 120Hz refresh speed without sacrificing battery life. The right volume that will be supplied is unknown but expected to be limited to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max model.

The iPhone 13 must form a very awaited upgrade. The box was reported to be getting smaller this time, thanks to the red design of the components below. It is also expected to have wider support for 5G mmwave in more countries as adopting technology spread further.

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