misuses of the internet.

When you look at misuses of the internet, there are many things that people can do online without using the internet. So why do some people want to use the internet? Well for starters the internet is probably one of the best communication tools that we have. It allows us to be able to communicate with others all around the world and it’s also used for business to give information on other websites.

So what are some of the misuses of the internet? Well some people may use the web for bad purposes like using it to gain personal information such as address, phone number or even bank account numbers. Yes, don’t think that those are the only misuses of the internet but rather there’s plenty that could be totally impossible to mention all of them. The top five most common misuses of the internet are: SPAMming, Online Advertising, Phishing, Online Viruses, Cyber Stalking and Identity Theft. These are all things that can really hurt people if they’re not done correctly and therefore need to be prevented at all costs. Which by the way is why there are so many internet security tools and guides being sold nowadays to help people prevent these and more.

The most obvious and perhaps one of the most dangerous ways of misusing the web is through the spamming. SPAM stands for ‘spamming’ and if you are a member of a company or an internet marketing team you should know by now that SPAMming means that you are sending unwanted email to hundreds of thousands of people in bulk. Now there are a lot of different ways in which you can SPAM, such as creating several batches of email to send out over the course of several days or weeks or just using one email to SPAM. Any of these can result in serious action against you, including banning from using the Internet for a period of time and in some cases legal action. The best way to avoid this is to let other people know what you are doing and having your ISP or hosting provider deal with it for you.

Another serious misusing of the net is online advertising. Internet Marketing companies all over the world spend millions of pounds every year trying to market their business through the use of the Internet. However, unfortunately some of these companies misusing the net can lead to serious issues for the company as well as the customers who have invested in those companies’ services or products. One example of this is when a company puts advertverts on its website which leads to a negative side of the company, such as poor customer service, complaints about the product or even fraud.

Cyber stalking is another serious misuses internet of unwanted communication, either verbal or online. Cyber stalking happens when someone contacts an individual online with the intention of either harassing them, or even putting them into physical danger. A good example of this would be when someone uses chat programs on the Internet to send threatening messages to their victim. Other examples of misuses of the internet would be stalkers that try to obtain private information from a person such as banking details or credit card numbers.

As you can see from the information above, there are many different types of misuses of the internet which could potentially harm both the company and the customer using it. It is important that when using the Internet you have complete confidence in the security of your personal information and settings. Also, never trust someone online, even if they say they are from a trusted source.

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