MSI GS66 Stealth Review

For a gaming laptop, the MSI GS66 Stealth Review is a great place to start looking at. This gaming laptop from MSI sports a lot of features that set it apart from typical laptops. It offers four USB ports, one headphone jack, an optical mouse, and built-in speaker. This is a full sized laptop by normal standards, but it has a couple of bonus features which make it stand out among other notebooks. In this review, we’ll take a look at those special features and run them through the various test requirements we use to evaluate gaming laptops.

One of the features that makes the MSI GS66 Stealth Review so interesting is the fact that this gaming laptop has a built in keyboard. There isn’t one built into the machine, but a separate one can be used if needed. With the laptop lid down, the keyboard is quite simple to hold on to. At 2.1 lbs, the thing is light enough to manage easily. The keys are responsive and have been found to be extremely accurate for precision gaming.

The MSI Gaming notebook has an average battery life of nine hours between charges. This is great for anyone who plays many long hours during the day, or who works several long days during the week. It is also one of the smallest of the usual sized laptops available on the market. Other notebooks are usually right around the same size, so it’s refreshing to find one that is just slightly larger.

The keyboard of the MSI GS66 Stealth Review is full sized with backlit keys for quick keys even in total darkness. The included stand out light comes with the laptop, as well as a quality sound system which work with it. While the stand out light may not be enough to light up your keyboard, it will brighten up the entire area quite nicely. You will definitely notice the difference between the normal key lighting and the stealth light included with this model.

Getting a full sized laptop with a gaming keyboard that is able to support the high demands of a gaming experience is a positive step forward. The built in battery allows you to get more than eight hours of screen time, which is just what most gamers want. Using the included wi-fi for internet connection, the battery can go up to five hours of gaming time, or about four hours of surfing the web, depending on the intensity of the game you are playing. For added comfort, the laptop also comes with a comfortable mouse pad, which also makes a big difference.

If you are a hardcore competitive gamer, then you will definitely want to consider getting a new laptop like the MSI GS66 Stealth. For many casual gamers, especially those who play mostly with friends or on servers, the addition of an audio output that is well above that of the standard sound card may be a real breath of fresh air. If you do not have a wireless router or a Bluetooth device to attach to your laptop, you could still enjoy your games to the fullest. These two features are what make the MSI GS66 Stealth review unit so special.

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