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Philips has produced air fryers for more than a decade, and Essential Airfryer HD9252 / 91 certainly benefits from the year of brand experience. The design is all-black and the appearance of orange led may not be the most stylish, but it turns out that the fries and chicken are young at any time.

Air frying using hot air to crispy food placed in a fried basket is faster than traditional methods. Philips HD9252 / 91 uses the seafar design at the bottom of the fried basket, which, according to Philips, ensures hot air circulating is easier. This means that, like all air fryers, it uses very little oil when food is fresh – Philips claims you will need oil 90% less with air frying – and so offer a healthier way to enjoy the food that is usually fried, without compromise It’s like.

More compact than most air frying that we have tested, the Filips Essential Airfryer HD9252 / 91 has a capacity of 5 liters / 4.8 liters, which said Philips is enough for three servings. And, as well as air frying, tools can also be baked, baked and trimmed.

There are seven presets for everything starting from fries and frozen foods to chicken and cakes that offer a length and default temperature, although you can adjust this default as you want to use the touch control on a 6-inch screen / 15.4 cm.

Philips Essential Airfryer HD9252 / 91 Price and Availability

 Price list $ 179.95 / £ 149.99 / (around AU $ 270)

The Philips Essential Airfryer HD9252 / 91 is priced at $ 179.95 / £ 149.99 (around AU $ 270), and is available through the Philip website in England, and at retailers such as Crate & Barrel in the US.

This air fryer is a philips middle class offer, with more stylish air frying ranges with a larger capacity for $ 449.95 / £ 300 / (around AU $ 530)


5-quart / 4.8 liter capacity

Fried basket and plastic holder are safe safes

Seven presets that include fried potatoes, chicken and frozen food

FILIPS Essential Airfryer HD9252 / 91 is a compact unit, measuring 14.17 x 10.39 x 11.61 inches / 36 x 26.4 x 29.5cm (DXWXH), although at 5-liter / 4.8 liters this offers capacity lower than many other air fries on the market. However, like many of the best air fries we have tested, it can be baked, baked, and trimmed and fried air, which makes it a versatile tool.

The frying basket design is similar to what we have seen with other air frying including T21 proskenic, where the basket sits in the plastic holder, and both parts must be cut together before being put in the air fryer

A button at the top of the basket handle allows you to separate holders and baskets to facilitate portions. The two parts are safe with a dishwasher, while the black plastic exterior can only be removed with a moist cloth to remove splash or stains.

As we mentioned, in addition to the ability to air, Philips Essential Airfryer HD9252 / 91 can roast, grill and grilled. The LED screen offers touch control to adjust temperature and time, and covers seven presets for cooking everything from fries and frozen foods to cakes and chicken. Functions remain warm to maintain up to 30 minutes of food temperature, with air frying can cook up to an hour at once. This reaches a maximum temperature of 392F / 200C.

Essential airfryers don’t come with recipe booklets. Instead, you have to download the Nutrii application to your smartphone or tablet for inspiration, where you will find various recipes along with tips and tricks about what to cook in air frying. Paper instructions for a little kitchen tool, with a little available through the application – we have loved more details.


Crispy results for both fries and chicken wings

Function remains warm

Our healthy air fryer has been tested until now


In our test, Philips Essential Airfryer HD9252 / 91 superior in cooking fries. Use time and temperature of the potato program on air fryers, and follow the preparation steps of the Nutriiu – 1Tbsp oil for batch 1.1lb / 500g – cooked fries served a crisp exterior that offers a satisfying crisis, with fluffy, with fluffy, potatoes Gently inside. Similarly, the chicken wings have crispy skin and remain delicious inside – even though we found that five wings are the maximum number of fried baskets, which may not be enough for these two portions of this special dish. In our experience, there is no need to change time or temperature – the results are right.

It should be noted that you need to use oil while cooking lots of food in the Filips Essential Airfryer, even items such as chicken wings, which can be cooked in rival air frying like vortex plus instant instant without oil. It cannot be denied that the addition results in crispy and crispy skin on satisfying wings and crunch for fries – and, while the design of the frying basket means that some fats flow away, it reduces your food health ‘reset.

We also cook 1.1lb / 500g from frozen fries on the air fryer, using a special frozen food program. While the majority of french fries are cooked, the smaller capacity of Philips Essential Airfryer means they are nested in the center of the fried basket needed more cooking. Brown levels too, even there are not many fries.

Essential Airfryer does offer soundly and visual warnings on cooking solutions, but we are disappointed with the lack of reminders to change or shake the food parts through cooking (this ensures that items are brown evenly). However, it proves the quietest frying of the air that we have tried, registering 52dB on our meter, which is equivalent to the soft buzz of the refrigerator. In addition, the exterior casing remains cold to touch along cooking.

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