Samsung Smart Monitor M7 series

Interested in getting the best Samsung Smart Monitor for your computer? The popularity of this high-quality display is increasing, making it more popular than ever. One of the reasons why consumers love them so much is because of their flexibility and features, as well as their overall value. Many are recognizing the benefits of owning a high-end, thin-and-light desktop monitor. Here, we take a look at some of the unique features found on the newest Samsung Smart Monitor M7 series:

Ghost Hunting – Many consumers are impressed by the fact that this is one of the few thin-and-light desktop monitors available that allows you to do some ghost hunting! It has an impressive sensor for detecting movement, as well as two lasers lighted options for precision pan/tilt/zoom. With the use of a Ghost Hunting Viewer, the ability to see ghosts at all distances makes this monitor ideal for anyone serious about ghost hunting. This monitor also features a built-in infrared LED that illuminates dark areas. The built-in infrared LED can be activated when the computer is powered on or when it is being used by an authorized user.

Air Charging – Did you know that you can overclock your Samsung 32 m7 4k Ultra HD? This professional grade flat screen monitor offers up to nine hours of battery life, which means that you can go far beyond the standard six or seven hour life expectancy that most Wi-Fi capable tablets offer. Just like with all of our other products, air charging is available for in-board and rechargeable batteries. Most consumers charge their gadgets while they are in use, but it is always nice to have the option to quickly and easily recharge. This is especially useful if you use your Samsung tablet computer frequently and find yourself without a power outlet for several hours at a time.

Wireless Pen Displays – You can view what’s on your Samsung 32m70a monitor from almost anywhere in the room, even from the couch! With the included pen display, you can take notes or doodles in a notebook like you would with a real pen. A great feature for travelers. The pen display even works with the included Air Display, which adjusts according to where you want it to be displayed. Simply place the Air Display into the slots on the top and bottom of the Samsung Smart Monitor m7 and turn on the spot lights to illuminate the way.

Speakers – Samsung has added additional speakers to the new m7 series offers excellent clarity and sound quality. Speakers located on the front and rear of the unit provide outstanding sound quality for all of your media enjoyment. If you are looking for a portable media player that has superior sound quality along with amazing portability, look no further than the new m7 series that features an extremely thin design.

The best thing about the Samsung 32 m7 series is how it works with every Samsung phone that comes with it. You can enjoy watching your videos on your Samsung phone without having to carry around a separate video card or connect your television to your computer. You can also use the built in S Pen to take notes and draw images anywhere you are.

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