Drones took the photography and video world by storm. In a span of as little as 5 years, drones have conquered many niches and now proudly placed themselves on the highest echelon of media tools. It is important to know that no matter how great the drone technology is, in the hands of an inexperienced pilot the whole shot might just be wasted.  As you would outsource your phone repair to a specialist or rely on the expert pilot to get you safely to the Maldives, the same applies to shooting a spectacular landscape or making a mind-addling drone video. If you want a stroke of professionalism in your media content, you’d better ask an expert drone pilot for assistance. Fortunately, in France, the UAV industry is as big as it has ever been, and finding a drone pilot in France who will fulfill your wildest visions is really easy. With an extensive drone pilot network there is no shortage of experienced, creative, and innovative individuals ready to amaze you with their skills.

Why Drones Have Become So Ubiquitous 

What makes drones so appealing in the eyes of content creators? Over the span of a decade, we have seen quite a baggage of change in the content creation scene that transformed our comprehension of media. Now even an amateur media creator can create an outstanding piece of a photo or video material easily with readily available editing tools. Arguably the most impactful technology to come out in recent years, however, is drones. Today they are shaping the whole advertisement campaign either as a sole contributor or as an invaluable tool that creates awe-inspiring and alluring shots. Their use is now so extensive that it is pretty hard to pinpoint any specific industries, but here is the small list:

  • Agriculture. In the agricultural sector, drones are used mostly as information gatherers. They collect various data about the crops which they utilize to ensure the best quality.

  • Chemical. In the chemical industry drones are employed as overseers of a process taking place of people in doing this job. And on the same accord, they also collect data and inspect different chemical processes.

  • Mining. The use of drones in mining is mostly centered around creating maps of areas, also helping in locating precious ore deposits.

  • Architecture.

  • Public institutions (law enforcement, rescue teams, fire departments).

  • Insurance 

Now, keeping aside all of the professional industries for the time being, try to remember the last time you’ve seen a public event without someone buzzing around with their drone? Drones become so ubiquitous that today we take them for granted in the same wavelength as a camera. Why so? Let’s backtrack now to the initial question of what’s so unique about drones that makes them so enticing to use. 

  • Size. Most mid-range drones are aptly small and mighty powerful which allows for shots that otherwise would have been impossible. They can squeeze and wiggle their way through nearly all crevices offering breathtaking snaps. Drone-wise size DOES matter.

  • Not a Public Nuisance. Almost all of the modern drones are both quiet and small enough as to not to disturb anyone around. Their discreet and inconspicuous nature coupled with noiseless or little noise is great for both a user and people around. 

  • New Dimension of Media. It’s hard to imagine that only a couple of years ago there was basically no other way to take overhead or bird-like view other than renting a helicopter or climbing up the nearest mountain range. Now, with a couple of hundred dollars, you can take high-quality 4K videos and high pixel count photos simply by tapping on a joystick, enjoying the vastness and beauty of the prairies around.

Extensive Use of Drone Technology on Media and Advertising Premises 

Drones become Jack of all trades and have been used widely  for every type of media. Companies like Pepsi, Tesla, Volkswagen, CocaCola are unhesitatingly using drones to their advantage. Making flashy, memorable, and dazzling ads that spur people to buy their products. Not to mention that advertisement is only one avenue of drone usage in today’s media world. Promotional campaigns, TV shows, educational material, and heaps upon heaps of other media directions that drones have invaded into, cannot be dismissed.

Finding the Best Drone Pilots in France

Let’s say that after rigorous rumination you’ve decided to create your own drone video footage or photo that will adorn a future project of yours. The next step if you are an amateur drone user is to find an expert drone pilot that can help you realize your idea and bring it to life. That’s where you might find yourself in quite a predicament, not knowing where to look. Yes, there is always an option to simply google your way out. The problem with this method is that some websites out there can be quite unreliable and unreputable in their doings. Therefore, it is better to take a more safe approach and select only trusted services like HOsiHO from the list of many. With this french drone network you are getting access to one of the most expansive networks of available drone pilots in France. Make an educated decision by examining each pilot’s personal portfolio, reviews from previous customers, and find the best and most suitable candidate for your project. This guys are very thorough in qualifying and selecting only the most talented and enthusiastic individuals, so you can be sure that the choice you make won’t be disappointing. 

Main Denominators to Look For When Choosing a Pilot

Let’s talk now about the main qualities that you might want to take a closer look at in your potential candidate. First and foremost what should be on the top of your list to check is certification. In France, there is a regulatory body that dictates the drone rules that should be abided. So, every specialist ought to have the certification of French DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority) and be diligent in following those rules. There is also a possibility of tracing the drone’s unique code online for an additional layer of safety. Since all of the drones are registered and have a specific number of digits attached.

Interestingly, since July of 2018, there is also a slew of exams and training practices that every UAV pilot should prepare to pass. These exams and training are the indicators of a pilot’s ability to steer an aerial object in various weather conditions. This also ensures another layer of professionalism that you as a customer ought to take a scrupulous look at. Especially if one of your project’s preconditions is to operate under uncomely weather effects. 

The second rule of thumb that you should be vigilant about is the secondary skills of your pilot. There is no arguing in the fact that nifty air drifting is great but if your main focus is more of a picturesque landscape static type of image, there are not many prospects for you to extract from that. And you will be better off looking for a pilot that specializes more on the aesthetic side of things rather than raw flying aptitude. This is why taking a gander at a pilot’s portfolio might prove to be a very important part of selecting a candidate best suitable for your needs.

Another potential problem that might arise is a pilot’s current location. You will need to ascertain whether in a private message or by looking at his/her profile that the person you are about to hire can fly over to the location of your interest. This is crucial to take into consideration if the place you want to include in your project is either in another province or country. Also discuss the coverage of the cost of equipment, transportation, deadlines, and miscellaneous ahead of time to exclude potential mishaps.


With a decent amount of certainty, one can say that drones and aerial media content are not going anywhere anytime soon. And if you look closer at the current dynamic, the opposite is proving to be true. More and more people are turning their attention toward aerial photography as a means of creating enchanting advertising campaigns, stunning movie shots, or educational material. On top of that drones are being also embedded into the cluster of scientific fields and a whole lot of aforementioned industries. With a drone network, you are able to choose drone pilots that will aid you in creating the most exquisite, Hollywood-like shots for your project. 

The B2B platform makes finding drone pilots in France a breeze. You have all the information, portfolios, reviews, and certifications, all that is left to do is contact a pilot and get your project going!

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