The departure of the Stadia product head might cause more doubt

With a company of Google, people come and often leave. Sometimes even involves people in a high-ranking position or high profile role. But when the Division executive has been controversial, it is difficult to not pay attention. It might be the type of publicity that John Justice now get after Google confirms his departure. However, not only VP justice in one of the largest technology companies in the world, he also heads Stadia products, streaming game services that will now be doubted will last a long time.

Even though it wasn’t the first of the type, Google jumped on the bandwagon streaming game definitely added a little credibility to the market. Unfortunately, the problem of Stadia also reflected negatively on the market with some doubts if streaming the game will remain a decent industry in the long run, not to mention that is profitable. This latest news may not directly affect the opinion about streaming games but it has raised doubts about the long-term chance of the Stadia.

John Justice is a man responsible for the experience of consumers in the Stadia, practically the man who talks about things that will excite the user of Stadia. Google was finally relegated in the teaser facing forward after being burned due to excessive and lack of trust. Swinging in a truly opposite direction, now talking about those features only after they already exist for days or even weeks.

Justice’s departure might not be a big disaster for the stadia but also did not paint an exciting image. It followed two months after Google closed the student development studio of the first party game which has asked questions about whether Google is in it for the long term. This news, confirmed for 9to5Google, did not perform the stadia too.

That said, it was not like the stadia has stagnated and regularly added a new title to the digital rack. It also continues to improve experience, even if new features added are the basic things you expect from the first day. Then again, Google is also famous for turning off applications and services that are actively maintained, regardless of how many people pay.

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