The Release Date of Apple's iPhone is folded only leaked by the people above

The folded cellphones will be more durable and affordable than before, because more smartphone vendors are interested in new form factors. Galaxy Z folding Z and Z Flip 3 Samsung will come to provide some improvements to increase durability, including folding glass rating, water and dust that are stronger, and increased other designs to prevent accidental damage. Handset vendors from China will launch cheaper folds than Samsung, lowering significantly – Samsung has begun to cut the current folding version price.

Apple is not ready to launch an iPhone that can be folded. But the company works on the iPhone design. The reliable leaker who said in the past that Apple was interested in making the folding iPhone now having a tentative release date in mind for the iPhone folded first, complete with specific design details about the handset.

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Ming-chi Kuo analyst said the iPhone folding the first gene will be launched in 2023, displaying an 8-inch folding OLED screen with QHD + resolution. According to new research, note that Macrumors saw, Apple might sell as many as 20 million units in 2023. That number will far exceed current folding sales – from the Kuo report:

Based on our latest industrial surveys, we estimate that Apple is likely to launch an iPhone that can be folded with an OLED QHD + Flexible 8 inch screen in 2023, with SDC as a supplier of exclusive display and Samsung casting as a provider of exclusive DDI casting. Based on the requested Apple capacity plan, we predict that the shipping of the foldable iPhone will reach 15-20 million units in 2023. We hope that the foldable iPhone will adopt the silver touch silver touch solution because of several advantages over the Y-Octa SDC technology.

People in saying that the folding phone will be a “must” design for all the main smartphone makers and increase the next “super substitute cycle” for upper class handsets. He saw Apple as a “biggest winner” on the market that could be folded, even though it arrived late to the party:

At present, the position of folding smartphone products is mainly to integrate smartphones and tablets. But we believe that the smartphone that can be folded is only one of the applications of the folded design. We predict that folding devices will obscure product segmentation between smartphones, tablets and laptops in the future. With cross product ecosystems and the advantages of hardware design, Apple will be the biggest winner in the trend of new folded devices.

Samsung’s first folding cellphone was launched in 2019, and the company has a large plan for foldable phones. Samsung wants to replace the series of records with folding handsets such as flip and flip this year. This can help companies increase income, because they are folded more expensive than traditional handsets.

Kuo also offers specific details about the new OLED fold screen that will enter the iPhone. Apple will be reported to be adopting a silver Nanowire touch solution that will better serve folding devices that might support more than onefold.

Future folding devices will require touch technology that supports several folds (vs. only one-time fold in current folding smartphones), the display that can be folded, medium to large, and durability. When comparing the advantages of the above specifications, silver nano is similar or superior to the Y-Octa SDC.

Kuo believes Nanowire touch technology will give Apple “long-term competitive advantage” for Apple. He said that Apple had used it for the Homepod touch interface. This initiative allows Apple to “master technology” at a lower cost, using small volume production.

Analysts also said a few weeks ago that some of the 2023 iPhones would have a perfect display design. Then

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