The WNBA game will be flowed in Oculus, Twitter, and Facebook Watch

The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) will make a number of games available on various platforms this season, giving viewers the opportunity to listen without traditional paid services. From special interest is a league plan to make some games available for streaming on the Facebook Oculus platform, which means you can bind your VR headset on the day of the match.

WNBA announces the schedule for the 25th season today, detailing broadcast and streaming options. If you have paid TV services, you will be able to capture WNBA games on a number of networks, including ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, television network CBS, CBS Sports, and NBA TV. Also, many games will be available for streaming.

For its part, Twitter will offer 12 WNBA games this season for streaming, while the Facebook Oculus platform will get access to 20 matches. Some games will be available for streaming directly on the paramount + application, which is a rebrand of former CBS services all access.

If you don’t have an oculus device, you will also have the opportunity to watch 20 WNBA games this season on the Facebook Watch video platform. Twitter will be home to post-game interviews, real-time highlights, T & US, tweet fans, and sports comments. If you are a customer League WNBA, you will get access to more than 110 matches.


Milestone 25 of the 25th season will begin on May 14 with a dozen competing teams during the weekend. Google has been tapped as a presentation partner this year at ESPN. For its part, the technology company will work with WNBA to provide a 25 match telecast schedule at ESPN / ESPN2 and ABC titled ’25 for 25. ‘

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