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Admit it, the mobile app development industry on the roller coaster ride of growth. Ever since the Android and iOS launch, the app development mania has been on a consistent boost. Besides that, a ton of new advancements penetrated and made a considerable difference. Every advancement and invitation turned out to be a new vision that’s did nothing but spike the graph of this never lasting industry.

With the foundation set on a ton of innovations, look forward to this year when the industry of mobile application Dubai will reach maturity level and leave you awestruck with what’s coming next. So let’s dive in;

Consumers’ Spend in App Store will go over $110 Billion

By the end of 2018, this is most likely to happen. Be mindful that the app monetization is on the rise with apps broadening its horizons to the greater number of industries. While it’s growing at the rate of 30% each year, the gross amount that consumers spend on the app store will cross $110 Billion. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why this industry is turning out to be so lucrative. And this is a proof that app economy has gone mature enough to offer real value so that users are willingly paying enough.

Phablet will Dominate

The phablet, as we all know, is a new class of mobile devices that combines the size format of smartphones & tablets. In 2018, the phablets are quite likely to show up on top of the device category list on which mobile apps will be installed and frequently used. Last year, Phablets were the one to win the most active device race. It’s because of over 55% users preferred using the device to work on their mobile applications. Observing the records and current popularity, it can be assumed that the phablets will also rule 2018.

Mobile Journey

It’s mainly about what exactly the frequent app user will be moving toward and most importantly from where. Regardless of the Operating System being used, over 46% of the sessions began with Communication apps as soon as the device was unlocked. In the next move, the users headed on to web browsers that took almost 16% of the session time. After that, the Utility apps were used like Contacts, Gallery, etc., which took almost 10% of the total session time.

Currently, there three are the major categories being frequently used. But in the years ahead, people are quite likely to move towards that device that offers them the entertainment like YouTube, SnapChat and Netflix. Even though many of us currently use the YouTube and SnapChat but overall session time in the form of percentage will drastically increase by the end of this year according to the giants of this industry.

Moreover, the Netflix will also find itself in the journey at 5.5%. Although it’s not at this stage currently the experts have made this prediction. Let’s see what tomorrow hold for us. Hope for the best.

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