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Here are three tips that you can use for converting YouTube to Facebook. Posting a YouTube link will not initiate the video on Facebook, nor is there a means to embed a YouTube video in a Facebook post. If you want the video to play on Facebook, you’ll have to download the video itself and then upload it as a file to Facebook.

1) Posting a Link on Desktop

                1.1) Open YouTube in your browser. No need to sign into YouTube unless it’s an age-restricted YouTube video.

                1.2) Click the search bar at the top of the YouTube homepage.

                1.3) Here you can search for a video by its title.

                1.4) Now, select a video you wish to post and open it.

                1.5) Click on the SHARE button, below the video player.

                1.6) There you’ll see the Facebook icon. Click on it to open Facebook in a new window. Enter your Facebook login information if mentioned, before continuing.

                1.7) After logging in, you can add some text along with the video by typing it into the text field above the post. Otherwise, by default, the link of the video will be posted with it.

                1.8) At last, Click Post to Facebook. This will post your video’s link to Facebook thereby allowing others to open the video on YouTube via the link.

2) Posting a Link on Mobile

                2.1) Open the YouTube app.

                2.2) Tap the search box on the top.

                2.3) Now search for a video by its title.

                2.4) After the results are shown, scroll down until you find the video that you want to share. Then tap it to open it.

                2.5) Tap the share arrow that you’ll find at the top of the video.

                2.6) Tap on Facebook from the available options in the pop-up window. Permit YouTube to post to Facebook.

                2.7)  Again, you can add any text along with the video.

                2.8) Tap Post to finally post your video’s link to Facebook. Others will then be able to watch it through your link.

3) Uploading a YouTube Video to Facebook

                3.1) In order to post a video to Facebook and have it play on the same, you’ll need to download the video and upload it to Facebook. Remember that you cannot do this on mobile and the video size is limited.

                3.2) Open YouTube.

                3.3) Search for a video by its name.

                3.4) Click on the video’s thumbnail on the result list to open it.

                3.5) Copy the video’s address.

             3.6) Open a video to mp3 conversion tool online and paste your video’s address in the box.

          3.7) Choose mp4 as the video file type and the desired quality within the feasible range.

                3.8) Click convert and then click DOWNLOAD. This will fetch the video onto your device in due time.

                3.9) Next, open Facebook and log in.

                3.10) There, click Photo/Video which will open A File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).

                3.11) Find and select the downloaded video.

                3.12) Click Open to upload the video to Facebook.

                3.13) You can add text to your post and must assign due credit.

                3.14) Lastly, click Post to upload the video.

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