Twitter room is now available but only if you are popular

The attack against the clubhouse, maybe short-lived short-lived dominance continues because more social networking began to launch their own opinions in the social audio room. This time it was Twitter’s turn to join Fray by making spaces available for all. However, it comes with a warning that still limits who can use audio-only features for those who have hundreds of followers who should justify having space in the first place.

Twitter has actually become one of the first to try to create something similar to the clubhouse last year. Unlike Facebook, which directs the experimental group of new products to make all kinds of new applications and services, Twitter really acquires other companies to help improve the development of its space. Social Podcasting Service Breaker announced that the acquisition was at the beginning of the year and the developer moved to work in the Twitter room.

After the test period, the feature is now available for everyone. Well, at least for everyone with 600 followers or more. Twitter confirmed this requirement by saying that “this account tends to have a good experience of direct conversation hosting because of their existing audience.”

The room has the usual features of the audio-specific platform that supports three users, namely, hosts, speakers, and participants. The last group was muted by default and could only react through emojis and the like but could ask to speak to be heard. Spaces also have a rather specific system to handle the account that you have blocked and you will see a label when you join a space where someone you blocked is the speaker.

Twitter imagined that the room would encourage small and intimate conversations with 600 followers and large discussions with thousands of followers. It is also tempting that it will introduce a way to monetize a new platform, especially with tickets that can be sold by the host. Whether it will catch better than a fleet like stories is another full question.

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