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Normally, the pumps are used in constructions sites for different purposes such as removing excess water or dewatering. There can be many reasons for water build up on construction sites such as high-water table and heavy rain. The pump helps you move the water quickly from the place. There are many types of pump such as water, maceration, etc. The two main types used on constructions sites and can be hydraulic, manual, electric and gas-powered.

Types of Water Pump

Two types of the water pump are positive displacement and centrifugal. Both of these types are designed to pump water from one place to another. The centrifugal pump has a rotating impeller that moves water into the pump and pressurizes the discharge flow. Moreover, this pump has several types including trash, submersible and standard models. You can also pump any liquid even who have low viscosity using this pump. Moreover, it has high flow rates and works well with thin liquids.

However, the positive displacement pumps a liquid with a fixed amount of flow. It pumps the liquid through the expansion of a flexible diaphragm and mechanical contraction. Moreover, this pump is used in industries where high viscosity liquids and sensitive solids are present. Most of the applications are where the combination of high pressure and low flow is required.

Considerations for Centrifugal Water Pumps

The applications of this type are not only on the construction sites but also where a water system is required. Moreover, they are used for supplying water in the building. They are also compatible where no suction lift is required such as the pneumatic system. Centrifugal pump also used in water wells and to boost pressure. In a fire protection system, they can be used to provide continuous pressure.

Anyhow many common problems can occur like some pumps need recirculating water to mitigate the heat caused by low flow. Moreover, the pumped fluid is a need for the pump to work properly. In cases of too low suction head, it can result in air bubbles near the impeller and cavitation. That can cause shockwaves inside the pump.

Consideration for Positive Displacement Water Pumps

On the other hand, positive displacement pumps are very efficient compared to centrifugal. They remove air from the lines which makes them more effective for dealing with high viscosity liquids. There is the only drawback in this type which is; they need very small clearance between the outer edge of the unit and the rotating pump. Due to this, the rotates on a slow speed. If it operates at high speeds, the efficiency of the pump reduces due to eroding off the liquid.

Features and Specs

Following are the factors for choosing water pump for construction:

  • Horsepower and the flow rate.
  • The materials used in the pump are water-resistant
  • Different types of fuel options available.
  • Maximum pump power and head discharge are suitable for its applications.

Every type has its advantages and disadvantages. Hence, it depends on the situation which type works best for you.

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