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It seems rather strange to find Sennheiser competing in this market – but the company has not sacrificed its principles in carrying 250bt HD at a low-stulllingly price. If the sound quality is all-all-all and end-all, this wireless on-ear headphones demand your attention.

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The fact that HD 250BT is not visible, or feels, is more expensive than they are more than compensated by the sound they make.

Yes, the headband is not at the forefront, but the soundstage is wide open and defined correctly. Yes, they are built from plastic who feel hard and quite cheap, but they provide detailed music and real nuances. No, there is no sound control or sound control, but there are more realism to HD 250BT than $ 70 / £ 60 / au $ 130 can buy somewhere else.

So it really depends on what your priority is. If you want to be spoiled by your wireless headphones, look now. But if you want a taste like what companies like Sennheiser are able to label the price of Sennheiser capable of sticking, you are lucky.

Price and Availability of Sennheiser HD 250bt

The price is around $ 70 / £ 60 / au $ 130

Much cheaper than other Sennheiser headphones

Sennheiser HD 250bt for sale now, and in the US, they are given a price of around $ 70, while British and Australian customers can expect to pay around £ 60 / au $ 130.

This makes them a) quite affordable by the standard of wireless on-ear headphones in general, and b) very affordable by the usual Sennheiser standards. In fact, if you add ‘1’ in the future the price of the US and English, HD 250BT will remain quite close to the level of the Sennheiser entry.


Bluetooth 5.0 with low latency APTX

Battery life up to 25 hours


You don’t need to be any deductive genius to exercise where Sennheiser has found at least some cost savings where HD 250BT is related. If you are looking for headphones that are not built from thin plastic and abstinence, which features even a little padding under the headband, which does not have an open cable, or that does not make the sound click ostentative when you adjust the position of the earcups, well … look at the place other.

But only because Sennheisers are made of hard and cheap plastic, that doesn’t mean them in any way made badly. The padding of the earcups is soft and comfortable, and even from those of us who have become a victim of the pattern of male pattern will find a headband that is not colored is not an instrument of torture at first appearing. Getting 250bt HD is safe and comfortable is not difficult – and they will remain like that for hours. The all-in weight is only 125g does not endanger this.

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