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Virtual reality offers players playing game experience that cannot be matched. You don’t just watch TV as your character breeding a mob monster or exploring fantastic places, you do the things themselves.

Now, Star Wars Pinball VR shows that virtual reality can inhale new life into classical experience as well. Not only Star Wars Pinball VR The best entry in the series, but it’s one of my favorite VR games. Star Wars Pinball VR proves you don’t always have to fight with Darth Vader, or drive your own X-Wing for fun.

The way Zen Studios uses virtual reality to make something simple giving me hope that other developers might start doing the same too. Hopefully, more VR projects can find more ways to look for existing gaming experiences for players. This is why I want to see it happen.

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In the galaxy not so far

What makes Star Wars Pinball VR so fantastic is exactly what it stipulates to do: Create a great Pinball Star Wars game. The Pinball table feels more alive than anything offered by the previous video Pinball video.

You have a perspective in meat on the game mechanism, which can really pull the launcher and press the button. The lights and sounds all make it feel as if you really stand in front of the table, and there are more than one chance where I try to rely on things that almost fall.

Of course there are some small disappointments – only six previous 19-star war tables Zen has previously been adapted for this game, and the game menu can be simplified to better match the new VR format – but there is nothing important after the engine turns on and the game starts.

Star Wars Pinball VR has a ‘cave fan’ – a room filled with memorabilia Star Wars, which is a lot where you will unlock the trophy by playing. My only hope is that I can spend more time in the room, maybe while having a hangout pinball multiplayer or even watching a Star Wars movie surrounded by my favorite poster and statues.

None of these may look special, especially when compared to people like whip pistols or Immortal Vaders (two VR titles that are relatively ambitious), but there is a beauty for the simplicity of the Star Wars Pinball VR. Tables can live with animated life and characters that react to your game, in a way that doesn’t match the real life pinball table, including mini-games that bring you face to face with people like Yoda and Mandalorian themselves.

New hope for VR

These opportunities to add real life are areas that I hope VR explore deeper, because there are several easy opportunities out there if the developer wants to take it. On the same trend as VR Pinball, I want to see the virtual arcade filled with various cabinets.

The sound and lights of each arcade machine can take us back to the early days of playing games, but this time you don’t need to wait in line to play that one machine is loved by all machines. With your multipherd and the partner might even be able to play next to each other; Good racing for high scores at the same time.

Or maybe imagine the LEGO VR game where you can sit and build anything you please with endless pieces in various shapes and colors, or table games where you can see the world from the perspective of the pieces. You can play your dice by swinging your sword or waving your stick to add immersion. Both you can do with other VR players, where the game takes more advantages of increasing popularity in virtual hangouts and VR.

For people who are not familiar with VR, this more relata experience is also a good introduction. Everyone is familiar with games like Pinball and classic arcade, and because you don’t have to move anywhere, you don’t need to worry about motion pain.

Just because VR is so new, the developer shouldn’t feel they have to do something crazy and different from what is available. Star Wars Pinball VR shows there is a lot of potential to take something good from real life, such as a classic pinball machine, and makes it really great with a few bells and whistles of additional virtual reality. I hope more developers follow the leadership of Zen Studios immediately.

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