why you should download youtube video before watching

Why You Should Download YouTube Video Before Watching: There are a multitude of reasons to download a YouTube video before watching. First, it’s free! The old days of having to pay per view or download the video onto your computer have long since passed. There is nothing more frustrating than getting all excited about something like a new video only to have to deal with high costs because you had to download it first. Now, instead of waiting in line at the video store or being charged extra for what you want to watch, you can simply fire up your favorite video player and sit back down to watch the latest masterpiece without having to worry about anything else.

Second, YouTube videos are often more current than other video formats. When you watch an older video on a traditional TV set, you are likely to be missing out on many of the newest trends. When you download YouTube videos, you are going to be able to catch up on everything that’s hot on the internet today. This includes everything from the newest releases to the most popular music videos. By watching these videos on your favorite media player, rather than on a tiny portable monitor, you can see exactly how popular a particular video has become just by sitting down and watching it.

Third, YouTube videos allow you to save a lot of space. If you’re the type of person who just keeps a lot of videos on your computer and never uses any sort of file storage program, then you’ll find that YouTube has many large storage spaces for your files. When you download a video, you are only downloading the video, the file that is stored within that video. This means that if you don’t have a lot of space, you may not even be able to view all of the videos that are available on YouTube.

Fourth, YouTube offers a fair amount of security when it comes to downloading. Each video file is encrypted and protected with a lock onto it. If you have an unprotected computer, or even a laptop, then there is a chance that you could suffer a data loss if you were to download the wrong file. Even if you have a good firewall, some connections can drop out in a flash if there is too much traffic going on at once. With a YouTube video, you can be sure that there is absolutely no way for your computer or laptop to suffer any damage or loss due to an unprotected video file.

Fifth, YouTube videos allow you the ability to share. Many people are under the misconception that the more video that you download, the better that you will be able to share. However, this is simply not true. Even if you have the fastest connection or have every tool that you need to transfer the video file to your computer, you still need to have your own website in order to share the video with anyone else who may be viewing your video file.

Sixth, you can avoid the uploading process on your computer. There are many different software programs on the market that will allow you to convert your video file into a different format, such as flash. While this will allow you to view the video on your computer, it will not allow you to actually watch it. Unless you are someone who has the luxury of an internet ready laptop, this is not a great option.

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