Television is a most known device that has got its place in almost every drawing room in modern days. Over a period the manufacturers also have come up with a number of features that can offer an enriched viewing experience. The modern TVs have got a number of features which are loved by the viewers. However, due to tough competition in the market almost every maker has to offer different features in his model and therefore the dilemma of the viewer is obvious.

As the market has a huge number of models, the buyers need to have some research and opinion from an expert that can help him know which TV he should go for and which not. There are many TVs from various makers that can help the viewer’s get the high-quality viewing. The manufacturers have various features added to help the clients get the best experience.

Vu H40D321/40D6535

Until a year back there was no sign of VU in the television market of India. Vu entered the television market of India by seeing an exponential rise in the television shopping. But to be a brand, there are some parameters which a company has to satisfy, and Vu never backed off. Vu came up with the best televisions in an affordable budget with the quality display. The new addition to Vu’s television family is Vu H40D321 which is being sold online at the price of 19,000 INR. This TV has a 39-inch wide display which supports full HD resolution (i.e., 1920 x 1080). It should be noted that Vu H40D321 is not a smart TV. There are two USB 2.0 ports and two HDMI ports along with a headphone jack. There are two internal TV speakers of 7W each. One can find the refresh rate of this model as 60Hz which is standard for all the TVs in this budget. With a rating of 7/10 by Killerfeatures, this TV is recommended for affordability and picture quality. The VU is a known brand that has come up with various models in the market which have made it a known brand across the market as far as the LED TVs are concerned in the Indian market.

TCL L39D2900

TCL is one of the leading television manufacturing brands of India. It has gained recognition by providing competitive products in a much affordable budget as compared to other TV brands. If one is looking to buy best 40 inch LED TV in India, then TCL L39D2900 is the best choice. The TV has a wide 39-inch display which supports 1080p display and has dual speakers of 8W each. This model has two USB ports and two HDMI ports on this TV. Again the refresh rate on this TV is 60Hz which is common for all the TVs in this price range. The TV weighs 6.5 kilograms and arrives with one-year manufacturer warranty. With a rating of 7.5/10 by Killerfeatures, this TV is recommended for energy efficiency and best in class design.

Sony KLV-40W672E

Sony is the brand which is best known for vivid colour display and amazing sound quality. Sony has been in the TV industry for a long time now. In past few years, Android has taken over the TV industry. The finest brands in the television segment started manufacturing smart TVs operating on Android OS. One such 40-inch smart LED TV is Sony KLV-40W672E. This TV is the part of Bravia series which is one of the most competitive television brands in India. People prefer buying Sony Bravia range of televisions due to the perfection in display quality and vibrant display. The display on this TV is 40 inch wide, and it supports 1080p resolution. The sound on this TV is processed by Dolby Digital sound engine, and it is a perfect fit for a medium-sized room. The smart interface on TV makes it possible for the user to watch international TV shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime by accessing the internet over the inbuilt Wi-Fi. With a rating of 8.5/10 by Killerfeatures, this TV set is recommended for best in class display and sound quality.

Samsung Series 5 40K5000

One of the most recognized consumer electronics giants across the globe is Samsung. Samsung has built its reputation by earning the faith of the customers in the Indian market. A customer always wishes to buy the best product in the pre-decided budget, and hence choices provided by other companies are much less. Unlike other companies, Samsung has a variety of products from which customer can select according to his budget. One such amazing product by Samsung in the Television segment is Samsung Series 5 40K5000 TV; it is the best TV for customers who have a constrained budget. This TV has a wide 40-inch display, and it weighs 11.3 kilograms which is a bit heavier than its competitors. The display technology on this TV is LED with 178 degrees viewing angle means that a customer can watch scenes on the screen without losing colour contrast. There are dual speakers of 10W each on this TV and the refresh rate on this TV is 100Hz to ensure blur-free images on the screen. With a rating of 8/10 by Killerfeatures, this TV is recommended for affordable price and best sound quality.

Kevin K40012N Smart TV

Kevin is a reliable company in the Indian electronics market. If a customer wishes to buy a smart TV at an affordable price, then one can definitely go with Kevin K40012N. This TV has a 40 inch wide LED display with full HD resolution support, and it weighs 9kg. Unlike other TVs in the same budget, this TV performs on Android OS which makes it a smart TV. The TV has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. USB 2.0, 3.0, Ethernet and HDMI ports are provided for connecting the TV with other gadgets. With a rating of 8/10 by Killerfeatures, this TV is recommended for its affordable price.

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