Xiaomi Mi Air Charge technology

Introducing the future of mobile, wireless charging: Xiaomi Mi Air Charge tech. This new innovation lets you remotely charge many electronic devices without using any wires or portable wireless charging stands. It also can charge several devices simultaneously at the same time without much power consumption. The technology is simple yet very powerful. Read on to know more.

As a first feature, Xiaomi Mi Air Charge has an intelligent feature wherein it learns which outlet to charge the phone with, based on the signal strength. As the charging progresses, it also learns how long the phone will last and thus adjusts the charge time accordingly. The second feature of Xiaomi Mi Air Charge is the convenience it provides by allowing you to connect your smartphone wirelessly to many charging points. For instance, you can use the smartphone’s Bluetooth technology to charge up your device.

The technology is also very useful because it lets you charge several devices without having to bring your smartphone down. You just need to stay within a few meters of the smart phone’s base station to enjoy five minutes of wireless charging. For devices that do not have built-in receivers, you can also use the Qi -less Remote Charging kit. This device enables you to charge several meters away from your device.

With the Xiaomi Mi Air Charge, you do not need to worry about low power consumption because the Qi-less Wireless Charging System offers over 50 percent power conservation. This means that you can charge several devices at the same time without worrying about the power consumption. What’s more? Through the Air Charge, you can charge your smartphone even while you are sitting in the car.

In addition, another great thing about the gadget is its radio-frequency identity management. The Mi Air Car Charger has an active phased-array antenna array technology, allowing it to differentiate between different wireless networks. The handset also has a dual-mode power manager, which gives power management options such as low energy, normal, or high performance. The Qi-less remote charging system also features two different protocols for charging. It uses the standard USB 2.0 and the newer reversible Type-C connector, which are much faster and more reliable than the older Type-B connector.

The technology really does impress a lot of people, especially the consumers. The Qi-less technology has improved charging speed and let users enjoy five hours of wireless charging on the go. Also, the built-in receivers help prevent interference. This ensures that users will not experience poor performance when connecting multiple devices. However, the Qi-less remote charging system requires that your smartphone has been compatible with the device from the start, or it will not work. If you have any doubt, check if your smartphone will work with the Mi Air Car Charger.

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