Xiaomi Mi Mix Fashion PC Fold is the Galaxy Z Fold 3 that must be owned

Xiaomi formally jumped on the folding cellphone train this year and, at least at first glance, it looks very similar to what Samsung and, later, Huawei already has. Xiaomi seems to only aim for brand recognition rather than features. That said, the mixture of mixed Xiaomi Mi finally got a feature that gave its own unique features. Ironically, this new PC mode that turns the cellphone into a tablet PC is something that the Galaxy Z does not have by Samsung though as a similar creator of Dex mode.

To be clear, both galaxy folds and Galaxy Z Fold 2 do have DEX support but they behave more like telephone rather than tablets. This only activates if the external display is connected and cannot be activated on a folded cellphone, even with a big screen. Tab Galaxy Tab high-end Samsung, on the other hand, can use DEX directly, rotate the board to the Android laptop.

According to Xda, Mi Mix Fold gets updates that allow PC mode to fold. Unlike Samsung implementation for the Galaxy Z fold, it runs directly on the device even without an external screen installed. Slide three fingers from the right edge to the center activate the PC mode, prevent unintentional triggers.

After in PC mode, the owner of Lip Campa Mi was greeted with UI like a familiar desktop, save for some special touch android like three navigation buttons in the corner. Just like with Samsung Dex, however, some applications are not made to run this way and can appear in their high phone form than tablet mode

This is definitely a feature needed Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Samsung is likely to add it now that Xiaomi also does it. That said, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Mi Mix Mix screen is on a smaller side for the desktop interface and may be more suitable for the Galaxy Z tablet tab that is rumored.

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