You can drill a hole in Apple's airtag, but maybe it shouldn't

As you have now, Apple has its own small tracking device called airtag, and while the design is slim, it is also missing the main features: the hole to easily attach it to items. Apple has accessories you can buy to secure the tracker to various objects, but iFixit has presented different – raw and suggested because of it – method.

Ifixit, as he did, opened the airtag to see what made it tick. Simple circle-shaped tracker, smaller than its competitors from tiles and Samsung SmartTag +, and it packs a coin battery that can be replaced by users.

Exchange for small form factors is the lack of keyring holes, which you have to pay extra to be overcome by buying one of the companion accessories. This accessory is visually attractive, but not too cheap – skin keyring, for example, costs $ 35 USD while Keyring Belkin is $ 12.95 USD.

Given that, you might be tempted to replicate the funny (and successful) IFIXIT efforts to drill a direct hole through the airtag. DIY hack, because the team called it, involves a 1/16 inch drill drill and a very careful position that managed to avoid Jero sensitive tracker.

The team notes that if you decide to try this alone, you must remove the battery first for clear security reasons – and, of course, keep in mind that you can accidentally trace one of the internal components and damage the tracker in the process.

Keep in mind that drilling into the airtag will definitely cancel whatever warranty you have and, well, it makes the opposite accessory stylish looks ugly.

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