Parts of Boiler and Their Function

There are many parts of the boiler, which have their own functions and their own significance. These are known as the boiler parts. There are different parts of the boiler, which are of great importance. Each and every part are useful for some specific purpose. The parts of the boiler are:

This is the main burner of the boiler. It contains the fuel and it burns to generate the heat. It is found in the bottom of the furnace room. In the United Kingdom, this part is called the reserve burners. It is also known as the cold burner. There are certain regulations for the maintenance of this part.

This part of the boiler contains water. Water is required to be heated and then it undergoes evaporation process. After the process it produces hot water which is used for various purposes. In addition to this, it also contains a hydronic current. This part controls the rate at which the heating of water takes place. If any change is made in the temperature of the water, it will be automatically brought up to the required level.

This is the main gas burner of the boiler. It has a gas burner with a hot flame. This is used to burn the fuel oil in the boiler. In the United Kingdom, this is also called the gas fire burner. However, it is generally known as the gas boiler.

This part contains the air inlet. It is the main part of the boiler. The air inlet is used to allow the gas fire to flow through the fuel oil to the burner. The main function of the air inlet is to remove impurities from the air before the burning of fuel takes place.

Boiler parts also include the heat exchangers. They help to keep the temperature constant inside the house. They are usually found in the loft area or in the upper stories of the houses. Other parts include the pilot light, the venturi, heat exchangers and many more. The parts list can be very long if we consider all of them.

The heating system in the boiler consists of various heaters that are used to power the boilers. The burner is the most important part of the system. This is the part that produces the heat. There are different types of burners that are available in the market today. Some of these parts include:

This is the heating element that produces the hot steam from the boiler. It is also responsible for producing the hot water in the radiators and taps. It is also responsible for combustion of the fuel oil. The burner is commonly found in the top of the boiler.

There are other parts that form a major part of a boiler like: the boilers valves and pistons, the dryer, the condenser, the expansion vessel, the electrical connections and the insulation. As said earlier, boiler parts list can be very long if not thorough. Therefore, it is very important to have all the basic information about the boiler before buying one from the market.

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