Wireless charging Motorola OTA may be available immediately

Wireless charging can save us from tripping cables but they don’t really keep our cellphones completely. It’s not easy to use our cellphone when on their wireless charging dock and you often need to position the device correctly above the hidden filling scroll. The ideal wireless charging solution, of course, which is truly invisible and intangible, and the Motorola partnership with the OTA Power Company teacher can deliver it immediately.

Motorola almost no one first presents OTA wireless charging as a solution to our charging misery. In fact, Xiaomi fired an opening shot earlier this year when revealing the mi air filling technology. Oppo will later follow with the wireless air charging teaser but which seems to support a shorter distance compared to Xiaomi’s vision.

Motorola will show off technology that has worked on that matches the ideals of OTA wireless charging. While distance seems to be a limit, it also has a security mechanism that stops filling when something comes between the phone and wireless resources. At that time, Motorola seemed to say the technology was still at the initial stage but now a partner suggested it might be closer than we think.

OTA Power Company Master announces a partnership that will bring this comfort to the Motorola cellphone. The technology is designed to work with various devices, not just cellphones, and encourage it towards OEM like Motorola. It does not enter into technical details other than saying that it can provide OTA’s power at a distance of one meter.

Will it work to the next Motorola cellphone this year of course the question. It may still have to get special regulatory approval, remembering the novelty of technology. That factor might also limit its availability to the top-class model of Motorola which is already a little and far between them.

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