Foamex So Easy to Work

There have been quite significant advancements in printing technology over the years – which has meant that one can now print into almost any material directly – having said that however, nothing can replace the reliability and cost-effectiveness of Foamex that has been the favourite of almost every printing company including us, the Foamex printing company. For people who do not know any better and are wondering what Foamex is – it is a sheet of PVC foam that has been compressed and basically consists of a layer of small cells that have been sealed in between like a sandwich. It is these outer layers that are smooth and treated well that take up the print and give the fantastic printing visual results that Foamex printing is essentially known for.

Being wonderfully light and versatile, you can cut, paint or engrave your Foamex as per your needs and produce striking results that help in marketing your brand in the best manner. To be honest, there is really very few limitations in terms of creativity when it comes to Foamex and that is what makes it such a delight to work with, you can go ahead and print whatever you want on the material that you fancy and it will make all of your creative ideas come to life. Even it terms of surface area and durability – Foamex comes through for you – available in a varied range of thicknesses from 1mm to 20mm you can virtually get a sheet made in any size that you want and it’ll work for you in your favour.

Out of all the sizes available 3mm Foamex and 5mm Foamex are the most popular ones that can take care of all your design needs. Due to its lightweight nature – concerns that you could have with other material such as how to transport large signage or when you have affix heavy canvases to walls – the damage and difficulty that occurs – all of this is the least of your concerns with Foamex printing and it is quite a relief. With the help of Foamex – the blandest of spaces can have a much-needed pop of colour and even for boring trade show stalls or exhibition stands you can create spaces that are so much more inviting and enticing.

Owing to the fact, that it is so versatile and adaptable you will find that Foamex is used across a plethora of industries and verticals from window displays to backdrops to panelling etc. to name a few. With its lightweight and cost-effectiveness being the highest selling points, when used in the right manner one will find that Foamex looks far more expensive than its cost and Foamex printing hence has hence become so much more popular and a favourite amongst most companies. At the Foamex printing company, we make sure that we make your signage dreams come true with the most accurate printing of your designs on the best of materials. Once you get the feel of Foamex printing done by us, you will find that there is nothing that looks and feels better.

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