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9apps is a venture of Alibaba Group Mobile Business. 9apps provide the facility of accessing any mobile application by the use of internet. Usually, people think that third party apps give the device exposure to virus but 9Apps is completely safe to download and use. It is built for the ease of the users.

9apps apk download is easy and doesn’t involve any bulky process or steps. One just needs to go to 9apps site and download the application. It can also be done by directly searching on the browser. From a variety of apps that 9Apps provide, the most attractive segment is of personalization. Top 5 Apps for personalization are:

  • Neon 2 HD Wallpapers

It is the top rated wallpaper app on 9Apps. It provides users with high quality (mostly 1080P) wallpapers. The wallpapers in the phone that are downloaded by default are not attractive and in fact monotonous. The millennial population is hugely attracted towards this application. Free HD wallpapers can be downloaded by any user.

  • Face Detection

This is a security app. The new smart phones can be opened by face recognition but there are still many phones that do not come with this feature. Well not to worry because this application is free and can be used by any user.

  • Photo Lock App- Hide pictures & Videos

Not all files you have in your cell phone are meant to be seen by everyone. This app is really built for this feature. It helps in hiding videos and pictures that the user wants to hide. This app provides full privacy to the user. The secret vault can be opened only with the help of a password. The secret of yours remains yours only.

  • APUS Launcher– Theme, Wallpaper, Hide Apps

One of the best personalisation is in this application. Users can completely change the graphics of their mobile phones with this app. It is a bulky app but the output of this app is amazing and worth trying. Along with changing the theme it can also help in hiding applications. Coolest variety of wallpapers is also available and according to the theme.  The young generation is usually the largest users of this app but it is really exciting to use and is worth a try.

  • Unlock Screen by Voice

This application is a security and fun app. It unlocks the phone with the help of voice of the user. This is an amazing and coolest feature one can have in their phones. This application is safe to use and is not any scam.

9apps is one of the best apps for everything. It takes very less space on your phone as it is just 1.99 megabytes in size. It is safe and secure and is created for the best experience for the users. To uninstall the 9Apps application, it is easy to uninstall by just clicking the uninstall button. However, the user of this app will not be in a position to uninstall it due to its features, benefits, and huge variety of applications.

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