SEO Techniques Implemented by Professional Writers

Have you ever wondered what tactics do professional SEO writers implement so that their content ranks higher? Well, they do not really have any secret; they implement the usual SEO tactics but in a more efficient way.

Here are the 7 SEO techniques professional writers implement.

1. Do Keyword Research:

Figure out the keywords people are searching for through a keyword tracker software and make a list of keywords in a spreadsheet. Try to incorporate those keywords in your content. Include both long tail and short tail keywords along with its synonyms but do not over stuff the content with keywords, it should look natural. Include keywords in the title and H2 subheadings. Try to use the keyword in the beginning of the article.

2. Focus on the Content:

No amount of SEO will work if your content is not up to the mark. Content is the king hence make sure that you produce high-quality articles every time. Also, try to focus on the trending topics, learn what your readers are interested in, take a survey and read their comments to analyze your next content as you should always remember that you are not writing for the Google Algorithms, you are writing for your readers.

3. Do Internal and External link Building:

Link building is an important On-Page SEO method. Whenever you write a content, make sure to add relevant links to other articles from your website within the content itself. Apart from that, if you feel there is some valuable information on other reputed websites, you can also add those links to your content. Google algorithm ranks such interactive contents higher.

4. Concentrate on Image SEO:

Not just content, but the images you add on your website should be optimized. Firstly, make sure to resize the image as per your requirement, save it as a jpeg image and compress it so that page speed does not get compromised. Next thing to do is adding an alt text to the image which contains keywords so that the image itself is listed in image search results. An added advantage of alt text is that if due to page load error, only the content loads and images do not, the description added for the image as the alt text will display instead of the image so that the readers understand the intent of the image.

5. Maintain Minimum Article Length:

Writing an article of 100 words is not going to solve any purpose as it may not be able to provide readers with enough information. Writing an in-depth content of minimum 600-1000 words or more can help search engine rank your content better and reduce the bounce rate.

6. Watch your Analytics:

Monitoring your analytics regularly through Google Analytics will help you understand whether your current SEO tactics are working or if you need to improve them.

7. Check for Readability:

 An article may sound good to you, but your readers may not really understand its intent. Take the help of readability checkers which will take care of simple writing rules such as using more active voice, not using too long sentences, managing the paragraph size and subheading distribution. Both Yoast SEO and Pro Writing Aid are good tools you can use to check the readability of your content. Also, verify the grammar of your content through Grammarly before you publish a post.

8. Promote Your Content:

Writing content with good SEO and forgetting about it will not help. Become your own PR and start promoting the content everywhere including social media, your family, friends, etc. Notify your subscribers via email. Adding social sharing buttons within the content also helps in promoting the content.

Becoming an SEO expert takes time and you cannot become one overnight. Keep checking the analytics of your content and you can always go back to better the SEO of the contents published as well. Once you get a hang of it, you will find it easier to Boost your SEO and your content will start ranking higher.

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