Guide to Build your Own Affiliate Website Using WordPress

If you are inclined to make money, then WordPress has several options to help you reach close to your goals. From having your own portfolio website and working as a freelancer or launching an ecommerce store to selling WordPress themes and plugins, there are many ways you can earn money with WordPress.

Now, whether you become successful in your money-making endeavour, will completely depend on your efforts. Another opportunity to earn money offered by WordPress is creating your own affiliate website. Affiliate marketing a popular option to earn money these days even while you sleep. All you need to do is to set up your website, get enough traffic, and select the niche and the products that you wish to promote. The rest takes its own course.

However, as you set up your own affiliate website, you must also have a few essential WordPress affiliate plugin that can help you grow your business and make more money. At the same time, you must check if you are in the right direction with your affiliate marketing efforts, and for that you must get an efficient affiliate tracking software like LeadDyno that can help you keep a track of where the leads are coming from. You can also use this fantastic tool to hire affiliates, help them promote, and get more sales through social sharing.

Let’s see how to build your won affiliate website using WordPress so that you can get going with your money-making endeavour, right away!

Different Types of Affiliate Websites

  • Daily Deals

Daily deal websites are those where they offer you discount coupons on products and services for a limited period. Some great examples would be Nearbuy, Grabon, Mydaal and more. These websites allow you to buy coupons for many different business categories for a certain period where you can amazing discounts.

  • Product Reviews

This is perhaps one of the best and the easiest ways to earn money via affiliate marketing. Simply sign up for your chosen affiliate program and review the products offered by them helping readers to decide whether they should buy product or not. Here you should also add affiliate links within texts.

If the readers like what they are reading, they will click on the link which will direct them to the product or the merchant’s site and complete a sale. To make your content more helpful you can offer an option for user reviews or product comparisons.

  • Price Comparison

There are umpteen such sites where the aggregate the prices of the product you are looking for, collected from different online stores and also from user reviews at times. If the reader clicks through and buys the product, the site will be eligible to earn a percentage of the sale price.

for this type of website, you need to develop a system that gathers prices from different websites across the internet and update them. While setting this up can be challenging to begin with, but once it’s in place, it will then start working automatically.

  • Affiliate Blog

Another great option would be to create a niche blog and add affiliate links to related products. The blog can be only about fashion, software products, or plain simple affiliate marketing where you must write only about that niche, offer solutions, or recommend products while you earn that passive income.

You can either choose one option from the above to create your affiliate website, or create a mix, is your choice and what fits your requirement the best.

Where to Look for Affiliate Marketing Opportunities?

There are many sites offering affiliate programs which are either affiliate networks or independent companies. Affiliate networks like Amazon or ShareAsale offer products from almost all types of niche ranging from books, movies, electronics, toys or furniture to apparels. The commission, however, is not much unless you get a lot of potential customers.

Independent companies like WordPress offer their own affiliate programs. All you should do is to select a company based on your niche. You can choose to host providers or create themes and plugins, and you have the potential to earn upto 50% in commissions from their affiliate programs.

Just Google the search term “your niche + affiliate/become an affiliate/affiliate program” and you get companies or the affiliate programs related to WordPress.

How to Create your Own Affiliate Website using WordPress?

This step is just the same as setting up any other WordPress site. Install the WordPress => select a theme => add plugins => start writing content.

However, in a content-based website make sure that content is king. You must create quality content and the impact should be such that it should converts readers to buyers. In this case, the content should have a good visibility on the search engines and should compel the readers to complete a sale.

The content should be useful for the readers and help them take a decision. It can also be informational or offer solutions (“how to” articles). These are the type of contents which are fit for affiliate websites.

  • Your site can be entirely dedicated to product and service reviews which is helpful for readers.
  • Compare leading products in your niche and create great content with affiliate links in place.
  • Offer solutions to different problems writing “How To” posts.

Use WordPress affiliate plugins such as:

  • Review plugins like rich reviews, WP review, WP product review lite, etc. that add value to your content with percentage ratings, stars, or rich snippets.
  • Link management plugins help you modify a link in one central point as and when it changes instead of going through the entire process all over again. Some of the examples would be Amazon link, pretty link lite, and more.
  • Create Coupons for your website for different online stores and add them into the content using shortcode. Coupon creator and Magic WP coupons are some of the best plugins in this category.
  • Yoast SEO, Mail Chimp or Rel Nofollow Checkbox are some of the other useful plugins that you can consider adding to your website for added value.

There are plenty of advantages of building your affiliate website with WordPress and adding WordPress affiliate plugins like option to earn a passive income, low risks, and low costs.  Simply keep track of your sales and commissions using LeadDyno in real time coupled with lots of hard work and patience and you will soon be successful in earning a handsome passive income.

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