10 Time and Attendance Software

10 Time and Attendance Software offer a complete solution to streamline and automate your workforce management. It integrates with your existing Time and Work Planner (T&W) to create customized, relevant email, electronic time clock and e-mail notification templates to automatically send work-related or unimportant messages. The software will also integrate with your company’s existing payroll, giving you access to pay checks and easy access of salary information. If you use T&W, you will be able to manage your employees from any computer by simply downloading the latest software and connecting your laptop/ smartphone to the Internet via a high-speed data network.

This program is ideal for: tracking time and attendance, tracking employee theft, managing your payroll, and sending periodic notifications regarding time and attendance. With 10 Time and Attendance Software you can: track employee attendance and verify time logged in using authorized user ID. View employee records and view the amount of time they have actually worked. Easily determine the number of hours an employee has actually worked by viewing the last 7 pay slips. Send automatic e-mail or text message alerts when employees don’t meet their scheduled work hours.

This time tracking software allows you to easily manage payroll, benefit packages and tax obligations. It eases the process of entering the dates of all hours worked; it allows you to quickly obtain the information you need from your database and eliminates the need to create new reports on paper. 10 Time and Attendance Software provide an integrated solution to time and attendance requirements and eliminates the need for multiple reports, multiple software applications and multiple formats.

This time and attendance solution provide: unlimited integration options with existing applications and data sources such as Time and Attendance Software (T&W), ACT and ASAP. You can automatically attach copies of time cards to email, create custom timecards for each department and have them available for all employees at all times. If a department requires a print out, a user ID can be set up for that department which will display the card for all employees. This eliminates the need for a person to physically print time cards. The system also requires minimal system administration skills.

Additional benefits from using 10 Time and Attendance Software include: reduced payroll preparation time, reduced payroll processing cost, employee notification on shifts, no need to print or forward forms, no need to update labor laws every time laws change, reduced risk of errors in labor calculations and no need to perform multiple calculations on labor costs, benefits and time periods. 10 T&E Systems entails rising costs with no rise in productivity. The time and attendance module automatically adjust for rising labor costs and no additional software is needed.

10 T&E systems provide solutions for benefits, recruiting and employee cash flow management. They are highly customizable and the ability to monitor, track and integrate HR processes is built in. There is no need to add any additional on-site software or hardware. If a company is using an existing platform and adding new benefits, there is a possibility that there may be issues associated with migration of the old system to the new one; however, with proper training this problem can easily be overcome.

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