best ott platforms in india

With increasing demand and popularity, the technology is evolving at an alarming rate, giving birth to innumerable new and innovative technology concepts like the best OTT platform in India. So, what are the background and meaning of the OTT platform in India? The list of all the OTT services in India.

The OTT platform is a web-based application that enables its subscribers to access the content via a mobile browser. On the other hand, the over-the-top boxes will provide content on any device, including PCs, laptops, smartphones etc. These days, almost all the smart phones have got a web browser and this has made the OTT subscription model all the more lucrative and viable. On the other hand, with the advent of smartphones, the subscriber can watch content on the go. It is no more a matter of downloading a proprietary application and watching the content.

With the latest trends, the OTT platform is making a huge entry into the Indian markets. The biggest challenge for the companies offering the OTT streaming services is to provide the perfect mix of the video streaming services along with the content management services. As a result, the company must be extremely tech savvy and should also have a strong content management team to manage the incoming requests for the content. Hence, such organizations need to take a long hard look at the technical aspects to make sure they are at par with the present times.

The best OTT platforms in India are also becoming more competitive as the time goes by. With digital TV gaining huge popularity across all the continents, the company has to step up its game to stay in the race. This is further fueled by the fact that there are many operators in the country offering similar services. They will use these routes to gain maximum market share. A dedicated and properly managed OTT platform will therefore help the company gain a distinct position in the market.

In India, there are three big players in the OTT space. These are iFlix, Onyx and Zephyre. All these three players have different content management systems and different ways of delivering the content. For instance, Onyx has an excellent and easy to use interface, while iFlix aims at making it simple and entertaining to watch live television. Finally, Zephyre provides an all-inclusive experience which includes the delivery of high quality music channels, social media and other video on demand features.

However, as mentioned earlier, each OTT platform in India comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage for the company in India is lack of support from the end users, who may have to wait for some time till the right moment to watch their favorite Indian TV shows or videos on their PC’s or Smart Phones. Moreover, if the usage is not monitored, it could lead to some unnecessary expenses. Hence, it is important that an end user understands the usage and benefits from an OTT platform and then only he can decide whether he would need to lock himself in an OTT television station.

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