Huawei P50 design leaked the photos still looks troubling

We have seen a fair part of the design of a new and strange camera lump but it seems that the Huawei P50 will take this year’s cake. The telephone camera is always known for their performance, at least until Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra records it on Dxomark this year, so there is no need to do some fancy design tricks to sell it. Maybe, however, aim for a surprise to get its superior to be considered, even if it means being ridiculed for it, like what has happened with the photos of the real world Huawei P50 who just leaked.

The design of a strange camera lump Huawei P50 has leaked last March but it was only visible through rendering. Tipsters have baptized the “egg” lump, which has two large circles in it. It caused some speculation and one rendering about how the camera would be arranged in the circle, the question he was being answered by real models, though not in a good way.

Digital chat station in Weibo shared photos of what is claimed to be the real Huawei P50 with the actual camera seen in their cover. There are four cameras split into two groups, one next to the other. The design can be easily compared to several other things that are not related to the telephone, such as type E sockets or even pork snouts.

That said, this model should be the Huawei P50 that might have a slightly different design of the Huawei P50 Pro. The last previously leaked to have five imaging sensors, one of which was the SONY IMX800 1 inch. The camera setting for it might be different but not better.

Other leaks show a device screen with the name of the Harmonya which is clearly at the bottom. It shows that Huawei P50 can be the first sent with the company’s new operating system but, if beta shows will be trusted, it will not be far from Android, at least for now.

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