Leaks can damage the interesting new features coming to Apple Watch Series 7

A series of reports have claimed Appel Watch Series 7 will get a very waiting new sensor that will be beneficial for the large category of users. These are people who have diabetes who have to do blood glucose tests at least once a day. These tests involve drawing blood for samples which are then placed in specially designed sensors. Various companies have tried to develop gadgets that can do blood glucose reading passively through skin contact so that diabetics do not have to bother with older methods that need blood. Some reports say Apple Watch Series 7 is probably the first Apple that can be used to combine blood glucose sensors, while others say that feature may have been postponed.

A new report shows that Apple even has a larger plan for devices that can be worn. Apple Watch may measure blood sugar and alcohol in the blood, above blood glucose, in the future that is not too far away. The news came from disclosures made by the British company that will go public.

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Photonics Rockley reveals that Apple is the largest customer, Telegraph reports (through macrumor). Rockley has developed optical sensors that can carry out various health readings, including blood pressure, blood glucose, and blood alcohol. This sensor is infrared light files through the skin to do readings, in a way similar to existing Apple Watch sensors that measure the heartbeat and blood oxygen levels.

In submission in front of its public listings, the British company said that Apple contributed most of its income over the past two years. In addition, Rockley noted that he had a “sustainable” development and development agreement with Apple. The company hopes to rely on Apple watch makers for most of its income.

While Rockley’s disclosure did not refer to the Apple plan for the watch model in the future, they imply that Apple might combine other Rockley sensors in the upcoming version of the device. Rockley does say that the next generation sensor can be used in smartwatches and other devices as soon as next year. This can mean Apple Watch Series 8 might display some new sensors listed above, if not all.

Apple has added some additional health readings to Apple Watch for many years, increasing the heartbeat sensor and bringing ECG readings and blood oxygen monitoring to the device. Apple Watch is often credited to save lives through passive health parameters, especially the reading of the heartbeat. Adding support for blood pressure and blood glucose readings looks like a clear increase for watches. People who suffer from diabetes often suffer from heart conditions, including high blood pressure. Passive blood pressure monitoring and glucose levels can improve disease management and optimize care, especially for patients who need insulin therapy.

Given the disclosure of Rockley and the existing Apple Watch series 7 rumors, Macrumor speculates that the blood glucose monitoring feature can debut this year, with a more sophisticated Rockley sensor to be followed in the next generation of watches in the future.

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