Moto 360 Smartwatch specifications

If you are considering purchasing a new smartwatch then you should know about the different Moto 360 Smartwatch specifications. One of the things that is great about this product is that it can be used as a fitness monitor, a clock, and a calendar as well. This type of watch does have all of the features that people want in a watch such as the heart rate monitor and calorie counting but it has also been designed with the user in mind. The main goal for this company was to make an easy to use and affordable fitness watch. They knew that the technology in this product could not be built cheap so they made it simple to use and had some fun features along the way.

You will find two different sizes of watches in the Moto 360 Smartwatch specifications. The first is a bigger version of the watch that can fit comfortably on your wrist. It has a color screen and a round face that have a button on the top to turn it on and a dial on the bottom to select what type of activity you would like to do. The second size is much smaller than the large one and it comes in a more basic design. It also has a round face and a full red back that have a single button to turn it on and a black, numerical keypad. In addition to having these two sizes there is also a small watch face available.

This product is designed to work with a specific application called Motivo. This application can be used anywhere a phone or PDA is used and will allow you to make and view contact, control your fitness, and even check your calendar. When you purchase this watch you can choose between a black or silver case and you can also get a leather band or a silicone band. The cost of the watch is going to vary depending on the brand and the quality of the product. You can find this watch for under $200 in many places such as Best Buy or Circuit City.

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