Samsung smart monitor m5 vs m7

There are many reasons why Samsung has the highest selling smart phone like the Notebook Series in the market with its series of smart phones and tablets such as the Galaxy S and the Gear smart phones. However the real reason behind its success is its bestselling smart phone – the Samsung Smart Monitor. If you are looking for a Samsung smart phone that has everything that a student or a professional need in a mobile device, then the Smart Phone series from Samsung is for you. These two phones are the perfect companion for students, since it helps them keep track of their lectures, research, and other educational activities.

However there are many other benefits that a student can enjoy from using these two devices. A student can view his academic works on the Samsung Smart TV while multitasking in front of the computer or watching his Netflix movies on the Samsung Smart Monitor. In case of using the Netflix application from the Samsung Smart Monitor, the student can play videos and watch streaming videos from the Netflix website. Both these apps are supported by the Samsung web browser, which also acts as a tutor for those who want to improve their skills through the interactive fun-filled applications available on the net.

NetFlix and Samsung Smart Monitor has built-in apps that help the user manage his media files. The apps allow the users to search for their favorite movies and shows. They can even add their own movies to their queue by browsing through the built-in library of the Netflix application. Other features such as instant messaging and Bluetooth connectivity are also present in the applications of both devices.

On the other hand, the Samsung Smart Monitor M5 has built-in connectivity with the MHL/HDC converter which offers users full entertainment and communication facilities. With the help of the built-in software, one can connect to the MHL cable, which is present in the Samsung tablet PC. In addition to this, the SGH-i820 is also compatible with the Samsung internet browsers and Netflix application. All these features make the Smart Monitoring technology of the Samsung monitor better than the Netflix.

The Netflix application can be downloaded free of cost from the net. This makes the SGH-i820 superior to the Smart Monitoring Technology of the Samsung Smart Monitor M5. It features the latest 27-inch widescreen display, wide fonts and large text fonts. It has an automatic update facility and the desktop wallpaper can be changed with the help of the wallpapers manager.

Both the monitors are provided with the provision for fast and interactive web browsing. However, the Samsung internet browser can be compared with the Google chrome browser that features the advanced tab control interface for better browsing experience. The two HDTV ports and the two USB ports of the Smart Monitoring Technology of the Samsung smart monitor M5 are absent in the M7. In the Samsung internet browser, the icons are arranged in a grid structure and the home button is present to minimize the work at a single place. The two USB ports and the gigabit ethernet port are present in the Samsung smart monitor M7

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