No matter if you are just starting with coding or are a senior developer with years of experience behind your belt, you probably have run into a problem when something crashes, and you lose hours upon hours of work. Well, there is a solution for that – developing using your own VPS!

The advantages of coding with a VPS

First, you can set up your VPS specifically as you want it to be. All specifications can be custom-tailored according to your project. Then comes the scalability. As soon as the project gets bigger and the speed starts to slow down, you can instantly upgrade your VPS to have more space and everything will run smoothly once more. You will not need to upgrade your hardware, which would set you back quite a bit, instead, it is better to opt for a comparatively cheap VPS.

Furthermore, all your projects will be available from any device if you have internet access, including tablets and even mobile phones! This will save you from carrying around data storage with all your projects or slowly downloading them from the drive or other storage websites. Then there’s also additional security from the VPS provider itself and in the unexpected worst-case scenario, most VPS providers also offer cheap or even free daily backups of your server. And lastly, your computer fans will not make noise, because they will not even have to start cooling the machine you are working on. All the processing is done on a VPS and your computer resources are spared, leaving you to work in peace.

Is it all only good?

Well, the answer is obviously no. But there are no great disadvantages with using a VPS to code on. You will need to have internet access to work on a VPS, but in this day and age, it is not that big of a deal. Also, a VPS is not free, so you will have some expenses working this way. Yet it is not expensive when you take into consideration the hardware that you save on and the computing power of a virtual private server.

So, when it comes to having your work accessible always and anywhere you go without carrying your rig, a VPS is a great choice when it comes to developing. And even if you have an older machine, it will not throttle the processing power of a private server, saving you time and money.

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