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The debate between MacBook Pro versus Macbook Pro processor performance has heated up recently, leading many users to be confused on which one is the better buy. While comparing the two laptops based on price, disregard the base iMac from Apple Inc as this comes at a much lower price point – $1099, still cheaper than MacBook Pro (S model) at $1299

In terms of Performance, we have previously witnessed that the new MacBook Air offered double the processing power of its sibling – the iMac, with comparable performance. Although the iMac had higher memory RAM and a faster graphics card, the fact remains that the iMac could have offered better overall performance in terms of processing speed. However, whereas the iMac did offer higher RAM, the iPhone blacked out, with only a 1GB of memory to run the latest apps. It also lacked out on the HD quality display to provide better image viewing capabilities and its lack of a built-in wireless internet connectivity compared to the MacBook Pro highlights this shortcoming.

In terms of Connectivity, both the MacBook Pro and the iMac are lacking in both the Flash and Wifi features, though the iMac manages to have a slightly better wireless connectivity set-up with Bluetooth 4.0 on the MacBook Pro, albeit only with access to frequencies for certain websites. In terms of video playback, both the MacBook Pro and the iMac could record video at full HD, though the lack of a USB port meant that the iMac could only support standard SD card viewers. The iPhone meanwhile, can connect to most cell phone networks including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and many others. Its HD camera, however, does not work with the iPhone and the lack of a flash drive meant that the iPhone couldn’t connect to existing video formats such as AVI or MPEG-2. However, the iPhone has the advantage of being able to charge up via the USB port, which meant it was easier to charge and put to sleep as well as perform other functions like connecting to the internet. In the end, the overall performance of the two devices was similar, but the smaller size of the iMac negated some of the benefits of its larger screen and keyboard.

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