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A home security camera has turned highly popular over the previous few years. These camera systems propose customers the capability to record what has happened exactly at their home besides their property from theft and vandalism. Nonetheless, it viewed as one of the fundamental features of home security cameras. When the matter comes to choosing a camera system, then you ought to look forward to discovering the system’s advanced features so that you can easily choose a system which will only develop with you besides providing you with extra peace of protection.

Remote viewing CCTV will turn into your fundamental requirement when you will be away from your home and also when you keep a close watch on your house via your PC, mobile phone, or laptop. In fact, with hi end CCTV; you can watch your business too remotely which will give you peace of mind. The security cameras that have remote viewing, allow people to see the events that go on in their business and home through browsers and applications. A few standalone DVR systems and PC-based home security cameras propose the person the capability to record from their cameras besides viewing over the internet remotely. These systems get connected to the cable internet connection or DSL and propose the capacity to view cameras over the internet.

The process of viewing CCTV remotely

The process of getting connected to the computer is as follows:

  • According to the installation instructions, you must install one video capture card into the computer when you want to use the computer for enabling CCTV video feed’s remote viewing. However, it ought to be accomplished when the digital video recorder which has been linked to your CCTV system doesn’t support an Ethernet connection.
  • In the second step, you must boot your computer plus install the video capture software and drivers which are found with the card. The software permits the computer to identify video capture card’s input and record or play video data which has been received from the card.
  • You must connect your computer and hi end CCTV system through the attachment of a coaxial cable from the DVR or the camera feed to the card that captures video.
  • Step four comprises launching of the video software for ensuring that the card has been getting the video data. The camera’s video will be visible in the monitor’s display area when the card is linked to the remote viewing CCTV
  • The fifth step includes launching video streaming software.
  • You must see the input as a streaming source plus configure the software, and when the software gets configured based on your detailed settings, then you can begin the video feed’s streaming.
  • The last step includes entering the URL which is assigned into a web browser or a media player on the mobile device or the remote computer of your choice. When prompted, you can enter a user name as well as a password. When the authentication process gets over, you will be able to see the video feed the way it gets streamed from the computer.
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