The new iPad Mini still comes this year, the iPhone is folded in 2023

The iPad Mini is unfair during Apple’s big event last month. It was not so surprising because the company seemed to be more focused on its stronger products, especially pro iPad with Apple M1 Silicon. It doesn’t exactly mean that the iPad Mini that has appeared in rumors since the beginning of the year will become a no-show. Instead, Ming-Chi Kuo said that smaller slate was just delayed until the end of this year.

Given how rarely Apple updates the iPad Mini, there is a real possibility that 2021 will not see a new model of the product line. There are even rumors at one point that Apple will finally retire the iPad Mini given the screen size of the iPhone Proc which makes it almost excessive. Fortunately for the smallest apple tablet fans, it might not happen this year.

Kuo said that the new iPad Mini appearance will occur in the second half of this year, maybe in the fall. Unlike the Apple Apple event, his debut can focus on the apple product lineup that is more affordable. The cheapest iPad is also expected to get a roof this year and may appear next to the iPad Mini.

Rumors about Mini iPad upgrades have so far consistently focused on changing screen sizes. While still maintaining the same physical dimensions of the tablet, iPad Mini 2021 is expected to use a 8.4-inch screen, not 7.9 inches, changes made possible by shrinking the bezel. The touch ID sensor is also expected to be moved under the power button to the side.

The Quo investor record also touched the Apple folding iPhone, which will still make this year’s appearance. Instead, analysts estimate that the company will launch a device in 2023 where it is expected to send 15 to 20 million units. Kuo claims that the device will have an 8-inch display but doesn’t talk much about the design.

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